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Thread: Majorly Massive Majin Master Guide!

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    Thumbs up Majorly Massive Majin Master Guide!

    Welcome the MMMMG
    With that mouth full out of the way.
    I would like to introduce myself, I am currently 45 Majin player from CBT and original Majin player of around level 13x so I don't claim to be the best but I know a good share of the class and with the help of others I have tested a solid amount of it in are version.

    This guide will be split into 2 sections a MELEE and a MAGIC

    Majin are a hyrbid race that has the abilty to focus on support-debuff, physical, or magical damage. They only have one tree of job advancements; Apprentice>Combatant>Expert>Master>Abyss Lord>Tyrant. They use stances between 3 Buff's;Blessing of Beelze(melee), Blessing of Lubpia(mage), and Blessing of Parsaika(support). This first section will cover the Magical build with the Physical covered in later post.

    Majorly Magical Majin Build Overview!

    The magical build of Majins has 4 stats to mix and match as you level your have a few basic setups.
    • 3 INT per level - the pure path
    • 2 INT to 1 WIS per level - the well rounded path
    • 2 WIS to 1 INT per level - the crit path
    • 2 INT to 1 VIS per level- the Magical tank path

    *Note I prefer the well rounded path!*

    Depending on the path you will focus on 4 stats of gear.
    Pure INT path will want as much INT/WIS gear as they can get. DEX can take the place of WIS on gear to an extent and will add mild survivability but lose dps. 2 INT to 1 WIS will be the same, however 2 WIS to 1 INT will want to focus as much on WIS as they can as it will be your bread and butter for crit chance and damage!

    2 INT to 1 VIT path falls into and odd section as your want your main gear to focus on INT main- VIT secondary stats. However your accessories Hat, belt will need to have WIS and VIT or INT to balance out health to damage based on what you currently are lacking. If you are losing aggro INT if you are taking to strong of hits VIT if both of these are okay WIS.
    *Note I prefer INT/WIS on all my gear!*

    As a Magical Majin you start off taking Blessing of Lupia and Blessing of Parsaika and will be leveling 1-26 with engage and Dark lighting, here you have the option to level as a Melee user till at least 40 to make best use of the skill reset or to play Mage all the way. *see Melee post below*

    Ideally you will level with a friend and only 1 point into dark lightning and battle heal till 26.
    At 26 you will get your main CC spam able skill Tooth of tundra, followed by 1st aoe Plague hands at 28 and 1st main Nuke Blast hell at 30 and your second aoe Immolate at 32.

    The passives you will be focusing on are Evil spirit, Armored bout, and demonic gift. Do not take Dual World(wield) The Pin point passive you will level as well but do note this does not need to be maxed unless your main skills are already max and you have spare SP.

    With the starting skills out of the way you have the choice to level Blood Lust,Army of Chaos, and Evil Adviser group buffs. Blood Lust is a MUST HAVE for both melee or magic builds- it gives you MP regen and magical defense.

    *Note- Healing circle can be taken at level one if you prefer more group play and supportive playstyle.*
    *Note- I do not level dark lighting past level 6 if I take it.*
    *Note- Nightmare is a sleep cc it can be taken for pvp but I do not take it myself.

    This Basic start will be your bread and butter till level 100.

    Now for Level 40+ at 40 you will be picking up Dead Eye. This is a strong nuke with relatively low cast time it has a chance at sleeping, this can be used in pvp to disengage someone and heal yourself.
    You have the option of grabbing one point in disintegrate for the silence chance however I do not for SP conserving and the fact the proc chance is relatively low. At 75, you can now grab a point in destruction if you feel the need for a 3rd aoe, however the other two are plenty spamable and this is not needed.

    As you can see after the start there isnt to much left you have your core ready. Around 120+ you can mix and match your choice of leveling PVP skills like the 2 stuns and group heal etc its up to you!.

    To much reading make it simple
    Okay fine fine, You will need Blessing of Lupia and Blessing of Parsaika you will max Tooth of Tundra,Blast Hell,Immolate,Plague hands,Dead Eye in this order, with one point Battle heal.The passives Evil spirit, Armored bout, and demonic gift should stay maxed. The buffs you will take are Blood Lust,Army of Chaos, and Evil Adviser being maxed in that order.
    Option pvp skills are Dark Lightning,Lightning bane for stuns and 1 or more points designate for silence and 1 or more points nightmare for sleep. Extra SP put it where you want
    Best balance build will be 2 Int to 1 WIS per level.

    Major Melee Majin Build Overview!
    *Note I myself play Magical Majin so this will be based of my experience*

    The Physical build of Majins has 4 stats to mix and match as you level your have a few basic setups

    • 3 STR per level - The pure path
    • 2 STR to 1 DEX per level - the well wounded path
    • 2 STR to 1 VIT per level - the dps off tank
    • 3 DEX per level and 2 DEX to 1 STR per level - The DEX paths

    *Note I prefer the well rounded path!*

    For all paths BUT off tank the focus will with STR/DEX gear, WIS can take the place of dex when need be, If you feel you are to weak VIT gear can be used to add some Cushion. Now For the 2 STR to 1 VIT path you will want to focus on STR main stat and VIT off stat for your main gear, with STR DEX accessory/belt/hat as DPS will be key on holding aggro when you need to.This also goes without saying if you cant hold aggro get more STR/DEX if you are to weak get more VIT find the balance that works for you!
    *Note I prefer STR/DEX on all my gear!*

    As a Physicall Majin you start off taking Blessing of Beelze and Blessing of Parsaika, Engage and Double Impact will be your main single target dps skills. Opening with Double Impact for bleed and Engage as basic attack rotating to keep Bleed up at all times. The passives you will be getting are Armored Bout,Pin Point,and Duel World(Wield). Evil spirit can be picked up when you have spare SP as later it gives MP regen.

    It is a must to get Blood Lust this will help with MP regen and give you much needed magical defense, Army of Chaos should be grabbed to but only level it when you have spare SP. I again take 1 point in Battle heal, most wisdom base gear will allow this to be great pocket heal without putting to many points in it. At level 22 you will get your second aoe Penetrate I use this over blade dancer as blade dancer takes up valuable SP and Penetrate is plenty spamable by itself. At 24 you will get Lighting bane this is a ranged skill with chance to stun I do not keep it maxed but it is worth having for pvp and pulling! At 44 you will get Cursed Nail this is a must for pvp and to max it! Following that at 48 is Genocide This skill has lower damage then some at its level but it is ranged and fairly spamable and must have for pvp later in game! And coming up last will be Termination and Moon Slasher. Termination is your next big aoe that you will use along with Penetrate, Moon slasher will be your big end game Nuke.

    Take a breath after that haha
    *Note Ebony dancer,soul divider can be taken however be careful of your SP sparing as both fall off and this guide is focus on saving SP as you level. I do not take these*
    *later in game you can put more in to battle heal as you see fit I do not however*

    Now that that is out of the way the run down! max these skills in this order! Double Impact,Engage,Penetrate,Blood Lust,Cursed Nail,genocide, Moon slasher,Termination.

    Max these passives in this order! Duel World(wield),Armored bout,Evil Spirit.

    When unlocked get 1 point in Battle heal,watch your sp and when you have spare*no skills coming up 5x level* Army of Chaos and Dark lightning.

    *note anything else is up to you and at your risk!*

    Majorly Mundane Majin Bonus!

    This is a bonus section covering Support build- it is a very boring party heavy build for endgame and has very little offence so dull is a understatement, it is however a fairly decent support for any party

    The focus of support will be 2 WIS to 1 VIT with WIS/VIT heavy gear, Blessing of Parsaika will be your bread and butter stance and you will max the skills Battle heal,Soul Charge,Healing Circle,Evil Adviser,Army of Chaos, Blood Lust. The passives Evil Spirit and Armored bout. Your main offense skills will be Weapon break, Armor Break, and Mind break they lower damage, physical defense, and magical defense respectively. Your attack skills will be Lighting Bane and Engage.

    As you can see with only 2 attacks your time will be spent maintain debuffs and buffs on enemy's and teammates, along with off healing and mana management, this build is best suited for level 120 boss and raids or world boss fights.

    It is optional in between debuffs and buffs to use Blessing of Lupia with Blast hell and Tooth of tundra or Immolate. for added dps. However SP cost will be hit or miss if be for level 120.

    At 120 with the core maxed you can mix and match your choice of melee or magical stance attack skills, however the build will be in favor of Magical speccs

    The handy dandy terms
    DPS- damage per second
    CC- crowd control - sleep,slow,root,etc
    Stance - a skill that effects available skills to use
    Buff - increase to player or mob
    Debuff - Decrease to player or mob
    Nuke - high DPS burst skill
    AOE - area of effect skill
    Speccs - a detailed build of one type

    *Closing note some things are subject to change in game!*

    I hope I got everything and its all correct and doesn't need changing
    If you have any question feel free to ask, I hope you enjoy this guide, remember this is a basic run down and player skill and gear effects a lot!

    Engineer by trade, video game theory crafter by choice! if I cant make it simpler I'll make it harder!

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    Guru of majin, I thank you for your wisdom. I am now prepared!

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    which one s better? melee or magic? any pros and cons?

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    Melee can have stronger aoe burst and fairly strong single burst late game, is usually easier to find melee gear and works better for solo leveling.

    Magic has ranged nukes, more cc and buff options, plus spam able close range aoes, however usually harder to get gear,and longer cast times. Plus usually plays a little more squishier.

    I prefer melee for solo leveling and magic for everything else.

    Engineer by trade, video game theory crafter by choice! if I cant make it simpler I'll make it harder!

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    @~@ so much detail i have much to learn from you Ashley-Sensei~

    Question posed to you in light of a conversation starter--Do you think Majins will ever see their own individualized classes? If so, what do you think they might be split into? I know obviously one could determine a magic and melee seperation but do you think the possibility is there to make a support majin as a viable option?
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    if they got there own split I would assume it would end in Royal guard and court wizard, with the mage path having support built into it.

    Melee would most likely see Army of chaos buff while mage has the other's

    I doubt they will however SP needs reworking in hind sight of Majins.

    it would be more or less 1>2>2>2>3>2 with 3 having a heavy armor or something path for Melee.

    Overall I doubt it will ever happen and if they add in a full support esquire build they will need more offensive skills to use other then debuffs. and would turn it into more of a 1>2>2>3>3>3 with a Grand witch doctor as a support healer in terms of lore friendly changes to the Majin lore.

    I hope that answers that correctly ?

    Engineer by trade, video game theory crafter by choice! if I cant make it simpler I'll make it harder!

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    What's the point of getting two blessings if you can't use them both at the same time?

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    One is for buffs and debuffs and such so you won't really use them in battle and the other is your attack type.

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    Blessings act as a stance would in most games, with the SP allocated and way the class is set up you grab 1 offensive blessing and the support blessing.

    This way you can choose the support buffs for melee or magic to get the most out of your class. like melee uses army of chaos, while magic uses blood lust and evil adviser.

    example be for fight switch to support stance cast buffs,switch back to dps stance kill whatever.

    Engineer by trade, video game theory crafter by choice! if I cant make it simpler I'll make it harder!

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    About melee section, only 1 point in pinpoint passive? Thx before

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