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    Hi there, i just joined and wanted to know if is worth playing this version(9Dragons). I hear alot about the server being dead is it true?!Also if anyone could explain to me about the rates here, dungeons, maps and etc i'd be greatfull!

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    It is dead apparently o.O ..

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    Server is alive, just very low population. I have been playing daily for nearly two months because I hate the new version at Red Fox Games.

    Server has been abandoned by Suba GMs, there were no updates from JWG and the game unfortunately suffered. Suba is now out of contract with JWG so there will be no updates in the future and there is no support from Suba. This version does not support windows 10.

    As far as the game goes I enjoy it. Not sure what the rates are compared to other versions but skill and drop are a lot better than at Red Fox.
    Maps go up as far as Loulan, no Kunlun unfortunately. No superior dungeons here or cave of the conquerer dungeon. Not sure if King Jin's or temples exist I'm not that far into it yet, currently SM10 grinding in Nanchang. Item mall is still available, pretty much no in game economy due to extremely low player numbers. Clothing refinement is in this version but I don't think there's any clothes above H4 set as far as I'm aware. No IM or HG weapons either.

    If you have any other questions I'll answer as best I can.

    IGN Naruto_1989 SM10 Wu Tang Warrior

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