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Thread: Attention to GMs

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    Default Attention to GMs

    Since playing OBT, myself and quite a few others having been making comments on different aspects of the game thus far which we strongly feel need light brought to them. Following I will have a few of the higher concern questions and will keep this particular thread up to date as we expand into the game.

    1. Quest exp should be boosted to make the game more accessible to lone players. We are seeing a lot of feedback from players wondering where and how to level and that's because they are alone. While the game is very social, we can't always count on people opening up to randoms. So questing should be at least somewhat viable for the sake of lone players.

    2. Monster damage output should be nerfed a tad because while we don't won't soloing to be easy and better than grouping, we also don't want it to be impossible. We understand that certain classes really aren't made to solo like a priest for instance, and those going that job should definitely know before hand where they stand as far as a guild and grouping but for classes like rogues who I have even soloed as in the past, it's completely out of question at the moment. I would say to try a 15% damage nerf for at least the regular mobs, not things like tower and such which are meant to be more difficult, and then see where it stands.

    3. Rare drops and when will they be implemented in the game. We are literally relying off of lucky stats on random equipment boxes. This has resulted in just endless grinding, while being higher level is nice, those of us hunting bosses are doing so in vain. As you may notice with the surplus of shops in town, what are they all selling? Random box drops, because that's all there is.

    4. 365 day costumes in lucky boxes? Why? Are we expected to buy a new one every single month when most of us had the option for permanent in the past? If there won't be permanent, many of us strongly feel that it should be in the open cash shop and not as a random box drop. People had their chances to have a permanent with the kick starter and I get that, but a lot of didn't like the option given. So please put a year long in the open cash shop, we promise it will sell because many of us want it.

    We appreciate all of your efforts in making Luna great again and as caring players, we only speak out in regards to help that cause.

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    i agree 100000%, i wanna be able to solo and not depend on others.

    right now i just log-in and stare at the screen because no tanks, and even if there are tanks, i don't even like partying so why should i have to ? and what about all the new players that don't even have guilds or know whats going on.

    either give back our defense we had back then, or lower the damage from monsters. heavily. ffs i have almost the same defense as a tank and i'm a pure vit rogue, come on.

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    I agree fully with this, I want the flock around in a costume that is good for more then a month... As well as I used to get to at least lvl75 soloing and I can't even get a damn lvl with grouping, I have to wait like Kira for tanks because my swordman is brittle as hell...

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    Completely agree with all of that, Please bring back rare drops at least from bosses and maybe put a few in the Lucky Box.
    Boost the quest exp on repeatable quests so if there's no party people can at least do those and get 1-2% per hand in. I mostly did repeatable quests to level back in the day because solo grinding is really boring to me and quests give a meaning to killing the same thing over and over...

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    I entirely agree with all these points. Waiting hours just for a tank to level is unbelievable. I have missed a couple of days without gaining a level because there are no tanks online. Furthermore rare drops are what helps us players advance through.Just grinding for chests with random stats can be excruciating.

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    Good points dark, i 100% agree with everything that is said. Also to add, We need a small increase of gold gain... Especially from killing mobs.

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    These are all valid and good points. Should they be implemented, I think it would help the game's longevity as well as making the game more enjoyable for the lone wolfs as well as the guild socialites.

    365d costumes would be *SO* nice. Limiting them to a chance drop from lucky boxes is unappealing to a lot of people and I personally would much rather be able to buy multiple 365d costumes. Ty for the post <3
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    I agree with everything. I've even myself tried bringing up this costume dilemma every time I hear costumes mentioned. I've tried to stay optimistic but at every turn you guys beat me back down. Us luna players new and old need our costumes. If you really don't want perms then at least don't jerk us around with a random box from a random box.
    I also agree on the combat. I like to group and grind, but i also dont want to be forced to have to find a tank and a healer every day, every time i leave town for anything. I enjoy solo questing and farming and item hunting and we can't do any of that really.

    Edit: I also feel that the solo difficulty is a major contributor to atk pet killing. I have a friend who hates it, but has such a rough time soloing he feels like he has to when nobody is on because his pet can solo 10000x better
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    I agree that mobs damage output is a bit too high and should be nerfed a bit but to make all things soloable is kinda ruining tanker/healer classes and they won't be needed as much as it is now. Look now in grinding spots you can find people ask, "Can I join your party?" or "Is there any open slot for me?" but if you can do all solo, I think what you will find is "Move, this is my spot, go grind somewhere else! @$%^#!!!" and will encourage people to "Bot" using third party program
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    I think the monster output is fine, makes it more of a challange.

    I agree with the quest exp its kinda lame in comparisation of grinding

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