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Thread: P.S.A Banned For Duplicated Items

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    Welcome back Bruce xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce08KS View Post
    Yea hi guys I'm good but will not be playing due to the expense it would cost to be back to what I was and the time it would use that I now use with my awesome son and wife

    But I do look at the forum from time to time

    Good to see ppl do remember me love and miss you all
    Good to see you back.

    By the way, why u leave steam?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palow View Post
    Xigncode? No worries I can bypass that crap in 5 minutes...
    It's not really protection rather ****ing malware...
    yeh i hope suba won't go down that path..

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    whose next on the ban list im sure theres some snakes still slithering around PT

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    Subapoints buyers can't hold this anymore!

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    BS why this trash event pollute the sticky side of the forum after ... 3 years.
    Call me the CM!
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    ahahaha people are still hacking on this game. Stopped playing 5+ years ago during the jera glitch and a whole bunch of high lvl long time players got perma banned. Good to see this nostalgic game is still running tho. brings back good memories of grinding with my friends.

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