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    its sad that theres so many ****ty games that nobody plays that are still open, yet nobody gives fez an actual good game a chance. this game is so amazingly fun and unique, simple yet complex. if it reopened there would be so many dedicated players who are also willing to pay for cosmetics and other fun stuff because we love the game. even though so many years have gone by theres still people asking for it back because we can't find ANYTHING else like it. it just doesnt exist. and when you look at the JP servers and see all those people playing the game you love and having fun it's sad we can't do that anymore in america. theres also alot of people who fled to the other servers after NA shutdown which sucks but it's the only way we can play it still .

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    It's ridiculous how this game never got a real chance. The looks will fool anyone who sees it, because playing it is literally unlike any other MMO out there in the market. Unlike with generic MMOs, there is NO other MMO out there that is anything like it, meaning the community stays together more than in other MMOs, whose communities always have people "moving out" to other similar enough MMOs.

    FEZ is the best. It'd be wise for SubaGames to look into getting its license. But at the same time, Square Enix must be a b1tch to negotiate with, which, in all honesty, may even be the only reason we haven't seen FEZ again. Maybe Suba already tried, and SE, being the garbage they are since the Enix fusion, flipped the bird back at them.

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