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Thread: Current State of Luna Online: Reborn [UPDATED: May 15th, 2016]

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    pls fix the missing description on skills and buffs.
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    After playing this Reborn version these are what I think should be done in the future:

    1. No timed costumes. Have all costumes be permanent. We live in the year 2016, timed costumes should be a thing of past. It didn't work for original and it never has worked for any other MMO out there. Only the most hardcore players bought those timed costumes.
    People don't WANT to use money on something that they know they will lose after specific time amount has passed.
    Having them in lucky boxes/Gacha is fairly fine as long as you don't need to buy hundreds of them yet not get the costume at all.

    1.5: You can however put something like 7 day versions of some common/cheaper costumes as rewards from one-time special quests. That way people can do the quest and get to try on the costumes for a week before buying the permanent version.

    2. A bit more balanced Cash Shop item prices, there is fairly a lot variation in them and they are quite high in price.

    3. PK Zone PVP level limit. Sometimes you will see some high level coming to lower level place and then attack others. Limit the PK Zone PVP so that only players within, let's say, 3 levels above or under yours can be attacked. If you are level 20, you can only attack players with levels 17 to 23.

    4. More character hair and eyes styles. Changeable hair and eye color should be a thing as well.
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    In old luna monsters had a specific drop which could be used to craft summoning scrolls. This worked for monsters every 20 levels. 1-20, 21-40 and so on. where the lvl 80-100 would have a rare chance to summon Tarinuts and Kierra. The raid bosses that droped the better gear. i"ve been wondering this whole time how we will be making raids. Also every like Thursday we had maintenance and at the opening of server they would be summoned too.
    This raid bosses made for good guild events, since we had flexibility on time and place to summon them.

    I might be mistaking this other for a different game. but you could cunstruct gear with ignots, enhance stats it and plus it. each of the 3 would leave a signature on the weapon?... i liked that.

    1)i agree with the gear sets, they would have stats when using a complete set.
    2)Monster drop table, absolutely.
    3)Permanent costumes with stats for different classes.(Me as a tanker would choose HP,deff, speed bonuses like the royal costume. For example)
    4) Date dungeon SHOULD be like the best exp in game

    Anyways, thanks for making this post. And keeping us updated with possible upcoming changes. Appreciate that.

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    I just want to solo hunt with monk in game,i cant do it atm because they nerf the monk skill,so monk is terible right now i think

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    No mention of farms yet? Seems like such a large mechanic of the game that is completely wasted. I'm not completely versed in their uses, however anytime the subject is brought up, people tend to say they're utterly a waste of time and money.

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    Majin needs a buff on their support part. Healing circle and Battle heal, they're way too weak and the regen is way too short, so there's a intense bias against this kind of healer/support because as the ways things are now we can't manage to heal a tanker effectively so we may not get into groups because we're not considerated a healer. you could increase their tic time or lower both heals cooldown (or both things), and increase their power, well about stats, int shouldn't give heal power and we should get way more heal power per wis point. for you to have an idea atm as an example 3 int = 3 heal power 3 wis =6 heal power, so considering the stats bonus people get from gear, going full wis as a support is pointless (it should be the only option and not pointless). Nightmare skill is bugged and without description aswell. that's it, majin can aswell be healer and support so we need that fix badly! and I think their debuffs are way too nerfed too.
    that's pretty much it for me ty
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    1.)Reduce the darn price for accesories such as necklaces, rings, earings, seriously, why do i have to shell SO MUCH gold in order to buy an accessory, sure, i could understand if i bought them from a shop, but to construct a ring that requiers me to get the specified materials and to be charged 300.000g for a low level ring is totally outrageous. This is a must to be rebalanced ASAP.

    2.)Cooking, feels really dumb having to wait 1 hour just to increase your tasting score by 1 more point, just allow us to overwrite the previous buffs so we can finally max that cursed tasting, it's not like i got to eat a whole cake to tell if it's tasty or rotten, do i?

    3.)A wiki about stuff such as Philosopher's Stone, Areas, special drops like enchant +20% scroll +10 +11, Pets, Item Mall etc would be useful.

    4.) Do something about monster's damage, or stats, whatever it is, just make it less frustrating, i would rather grind on lower exp but easier mobs than on mobs that hit a lot, die hard, give lame drops and little exp.

    5.) Increase the max size of the Event Coupouns to at least 7.200 so we don't have to carry stacks of coupons that take our precious inventory slots, seriously, got one bag full of reinforced material, and a second one full of seeds, animal eggs, soulstones, pet, food, transport etc, normal players only have 3 bags, which leaves them with 1 bag to spare.

    6.)Rebalance classes, fix skill description etc.

    7.)Haven't checked it myself but from what i heard the Tower is PVP enabled, if so enable it only for the PK channel.
    That's about it atm, will update if there's anything else...

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    Its bad for the game if ppl forced to keep grind and grind trust me.... Bring back quest exp far higher and make it meaningful to do it solo / party and other special stuff u get from quest.. People need to explore Luna he map and everything.. Not grinding hardcordly

    Bring it back

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    keep up the good work and good luck!^^

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    For the stats and skills rebalancing and scroll giveaway. I suggest the SP reset scroll is changed to Job reset scroll. Most of the mage is using a sorc path right now because monk hardly could farm in this game. But their end games path mostly planned monk as their lv 40 job to get the small crit buff..
    Just hoping this suggestion doesn't seems to ask too much of it.

    And it is so good to see a GM / mod is actively speaking their progress in this forum. Thanks a lot to let us know this game is not abandoned.
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