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Thread: Want to see your designs or concepts brought to life? Apply now!!

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    Exclamation Want to see your designs or concepts brought to life? Apply now!!

    Want to see your designs or concepts brought to life? Apply now!!

    Are you a talented artist knowledgable with 3D modeling and design? Do you have ideas for costumes, weapons, vanity pets, or pets that you'd like to see brought to life? We're looking for you!
    We are looking for artists already capable of great graphic design and/or 3D modeling to work on our team dedicated to bringing new creations to fruition. This is an effort to have YOUR voices heard, and to have content YOU decide implemented into DOMO!

    - Must be capable of conceptualizing and retexturing existing 3D models

    3D Designers:
    - We may be willing to explore the creation of new 3D models, such as pets and costumes, so we are looking for talented individuals capable of:
    - Conception, modeling, rigging, animating, and texturing

    If you would like to apply to join our small team of players designing new Suba exclusive content, please post the following information -
    1) Your in-game name
    2) A little bit about your experience in design
    3) Are you familiar with 3D Max and Photoshop or Corel? Do you have them, or can you get access to them?
    *Because it's been brought up, these exact programs are not required, but a means of creating content for DOMO is necessary. These are just preferable.
    4) A portfolio/a few images of your previous work

    Our small player-based team will be provided SP or item compensation for their efforts, which will be negotiable on an individual basis and based on the merits of the design and effort.

    Thank you and we hope to see a few of you creating great content in the future!
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    I'm so happy about this!! I really hope there will be capable people interested about it and it's great to hear they will be rewarded for their work

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    1) Roni
    2) My experience is a little low and I haven't really worked with 3d editing arm but I would love to get into it. I have been using photoshop to make things like YouTube thumbnails and lol believe it or not, but DBZ characters that you will see in my portfolio
    3) Photoshop yes don't really have any 3d editing software but i will gladly get them

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    1) Meyera
    2) I have an associate of applied sciences degree in commercial art technology and currently work for a company called Formscorp designing print media for business such as brochures.
    3) I use Illustrator, Photoshop and Corel daily at work? I own the full Adobe CS6 Master Suite, but not Corel at home. I am experienced in 3D rendering with Cinema 4D and have the program.
    4) Attached are some examples of my work, I can send a resume via PM.

    An example of a 3d creation.

    An example of some Illustrator work

    An example of some Photoshop work

    An example of a signature I did for myself on Aeria games.

    A signature done on an anime forum, the background and text were completely me, the character was sampled.
    IGN: Meyera
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    IGN: Kenshin7
    Well to start with, I am the designer winner for the gold male rpg I done. I am studying 3D modelling by my own and have
    the softwares Maya 3D and 3ds max also photoshop which I am more used to it. There is a friend that might teach me more soon about 3D also lol. To be honest I am not good with the animations part and rigging, texturing is more simple to me. I am a creative person and I did several things but never really kept most of my work. I have a few signature I done when I was playing on aeriagames link here:

    Link to costume design I made:

    I have also help making once my brother in some details 3D and texture for a pinball he wanted to create but long time ago
    Link here :

    It's not much I can show but I would like to give it a shot . I wish helping on texturing outfits or making decorations weapons.
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    I done this recently for testing hope you will like :

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    And this...:

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    Okay I'll stop there, hope you like it again and that I will be able to get theses alive in game

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    oh nvm did another, passing time lol but this time with a pet teehee:

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    Where can we get the base 3DS Max models for characters, creatures, costumes, and pets?

    I'm a Product Development Manager who works primarily with Autodesk Inventor Professional for modeling of new products. Relevant previous works can't be posted due to being tied up in pending patents. However, I happen to have access to 3DS Max and plenty of ideas that I'd enjoy pursuing recreationally.

    In-Game name: Avandur

    Contact me privately for additional details.
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