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Thread: Guide request: Fishing and Farming

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    Default Guide request: Fishing and Farming


    I have nooo idea how these things work and the wiki is blank.
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    I honestly would like to know more about this topic .-.

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    Rough explanation
    For fishing, it's simple. Buy beginner rod and bait. Press K open fishing. Insert bait on the fishing tab and start fishing. You catch dace 1pt, c.carp 2pt, carp 3 pt. Consume the fishies to gain fish points which can be checked in your fishing tab(the guy sitting up and down when you fish). You can then buy stuff on Fishercat NPC using your accumulated points: Trash(sell for 30K), g.Carp(100k), g.Navigation(300k)
    *obviously better rod=better chance getting fish, fishiging costume also increases the chance
    *Playing the actual mini game increases the chance of getting fish. But leaving it to play on its own should still be profitable
    *From time to time, you can fish out the trash,g.carp,g.navigation
    *Assuming you don't get trash,golden carp,golden navigation while fishing as beginner it should still be profitable, you will only get better and better rod=better chance= better profit.

    For farming, you plant the seed and use fertilizers bought at fishercat, you must raise the crop HP by minimum of 90 for full growth(1.5hrs). The HP of the crop can be checked through Family>Farm. A fully fertilized crop and a minimum hp crop virtually has no difference(i could be wrong) since they still drop all the drugs, i mean pots. Harvest them using harvest powder bought at fishercat npc.
    *It has a similar slightly different mechanic to eggs, main diff is eggs run away when not fertilized(feed&clean) properly, while plants they dont die and you can fertilize again to continue growth in case you didn't reach 90HP in the initial fertilizing
    *Use different fertilizers to reach 90HP to save money because the HP given by fertilizer has an rng, if you're rich then just use the highest possible to save time since the farming animation takes decades.
    *The farm products do not necessarily match the description, find out what buff each one gives yourself.
    *You will get random stuff when opening crops/eggs after harvest including gems/feathers,mount stone, etc. Again it is still profitable if you sold all the pots you got to other players, up to 50k/pot(right now). As to is the pot worth using? Yes.
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