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Thread: Cannot login

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    Default Cannot login

    Is there a reason why the game is saying my password in incorrect when it is correct? If this is some sort of bug, shouldn't it be being dealt with? Preventing newer players like myself from playing the game. Impatience is reducing the likeliness of me even trying this game.
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    im the same like you i cant log in too and im DONE with this game I already Uninstall my LH

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    I'm sure there is a quick fix to it, uninstalling the game wont solve the issue Kirigaya, If anything it will aggravate you even more haha.

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    Oh , I tho it's only me but it seems like others are facing the same problem o:

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    Was there maintenance earlier by any chance? Might be the culprit to the issue.

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    Seems like servers are off ^

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    hmm i think your right Cakies ^^

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    Yep, there are a few threads appearing regarding the inability to login. Where art tho GM's? Think I'll have a mess around on PS and make me a signature whilst I wait for any kind of 'admin' response.
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    I tried creating a new account but I could still not log in and it is saying incorrect. We need help with this, Everyone is in uproar right now Steam, Facebook, and some forums. What is happening to the game? is it shutting down? or is it dead now?

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    God you guys, the game isn't shutting down they said it everywhere that Canada is having a network outage just chill (O(

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