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Thread: ok looking for Knight Build for an old noob

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    Default ok looking for Knight Build for an old noob

    hi guys I may be coming back to play my Knight and I would like to find out what the new skills on KS are these days

    all help and opinions are greatly appreciated thanks

    Bruce08 lvl 125 KS
    GhostThaw lvl 112 SM
    SweetPosiedon lvl 112 PRS
    BossTime lvl 106 KS
    kingl0rd lvl 101 FS
    Ikuza lvl 94 PS
    Bruce0B lvl 85 KS
    bruce08 lvl 80 KS

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    The king is back!?

    stats are pretty much the same,, enough agi for boots, enough spirit for ur shelt of preference (prbly mumu for ks), base health, tal for 112 gear rest STR.

    for skills i have HB and SB 10 in T5, i'm 112 so don't have points for more but i suppose shield?
    in T1-3 i have HV, DS, SM, GC (dunno why,, but i have it) Divine shield 8 (lvling up now)
    Pretty basic,, dunno much has changed except maybe Saint Blade being ur new pew pew skill

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    the lord of knights be back perhaps omg !!!! i would say saints blade (damage skill) & holy benedict (buff)
    Jerckysminion 11x Fighter
    Hatebreed_1 10x Knight

    Im a friendly guy from Belgium who keeps spawns occupied alot or solo grinds during the night

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    base agi,enough spirit and talent for sword all str.. use cash shop rings boots

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    Pretty much what Fury said. Personally, I don't put points in divine shield as I don't do pvp. I feel no difference with the extra block attribute against mobs.

    I am using undead build. It works for me, because with Holy Body, I can tank undeads in SL/AW fairly well without assistance from prs's VL. If you can tank well without Holy Body or have access to VL of your own, I guess you can ditch Holy Body. As you already know, it depends on your play style.

    T5: Saint Blade 10, Holy Benedic 10
    T4: Godly shield (rest EP)

    T1-3: Holy Body 10, Holy Valor 10, Sword Mastery 10, Drastic Spirit 10, Grand Cross 10 (Saint Blade uses GC's attack rating boost)

    By the way, you don't have to go hardcore as you used to. Take it easy and enjoy the game. Welcome back!
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    I was looking at saint blade and it doesn't say anything about it using Grand crosses attack rating.

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    Many skill descriptions are incomplete or translated incorrectly. I get information from KPT.

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    Do you think using Saint blade lvl 4 would be better than Grand cross 10? at my current lvl 92 thinking about doing a respec for upcoming LoC undead farming

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    Hmm...I am not sure. You might have to test and see. When I was 9x, saint blade was bugged so I didn't have to worry about that... XD

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    hey bruce your base agi build can tank mobs at sl? with vl?

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