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Thread: Upcoming Updates (The Things You All Keep Asking About)

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    Can we bump this

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    This game needs more changes like:
    *Better quest rewards
    *percentage multiplier + flat amount in skills
    ex. Double Strike lvl 15 - 122%+60 Impact damage & 20%+11 DoT @ 200atk deals 304 impact damage +51 DoT
    Sword Mastery lvl 15 - 15%+75 increased damage w/ Sword @ 200atk(basestat+items) pre-mitigation dmg = 230+75=305
    Sword Accuracy lvl 15 - 30%+75 increased Accuracy w/ Sword @ 100acc(basestat+items) final acc = 130+75 = 205
    *Re-add Sword Rapidity/Rune Impact
    *Revamp the Stat+Reinforce System/Implement Pre-Luna Plus Stat System
    *Change everything to Pre-Luna Plus but add the Majin

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    "Rare Drops, Uniques, Drop Rates in General
    This is a big portion of the "end game" and even affects the overall grind of the game. Armor Sets will be added back as well as rares and Uniques."

    Touching on both points, % values will be added back/become more prominent, and will be in skills instead of flat values, and appear in armor instead of only accessories.
    Values such as:

    These are wonderful change. Go Luna Online Reborn, be reborn again!
    We are looking forward for the patch. I am going to support this game.
    -Loyalist member and also a supporter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GKPCarpioDR2y5n View Post
    I really hope Rune Impact makes a comeback :C one of the coolest animation ever!
    Yeah I agree with you. They should make all the skills passive and active be back again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuRuRuRuRu View Post
    They are looking into it. Everyone who was a part of it is getting banned including their alts.
    90% sure they are going to end up rolling back though.
    This problem will be better if they fix the game so they will not be able to do such things. Banning them is a good action but they can just make another account again and repeat what they are doing.

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