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Thread: Destroyer Guide [Human Only]

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArtsOfAlchemy View Post
    This guide is useless for this version and you just picked it up from somewhere else without even making a proper investigation on what this luna is like. This guide is for Pre Plus, the first version of luna.

    Notice that Destroyer DOES NOT HAVE Earthquake or Burning crash, you could only get those to higher lvls during Gladiator, AND TROOPERSHIP DOESN'T EVEN EXIST ANYMORE!

    But I'm a good person so I will show you something that will allow you to understand this luna Better:

    If you click on any of the class names you can see the skill-set they have. Please, use it and never again bring an obsolete guide into this forum, it misleads inexperienced players.
    I'm still researching this version, and so far, no fansite, no wiki, no forum entry anywhere, provides information of any kind on it. there's nothing on the mechanics, the stats, dependencies.

    the best we can do at the moment, and i urge players to do so, is gather ourselves with the current top players in every class, every level (right now close to 80), and guild ranks. that's still technically 3 to 10 players each class. I'm not the only one who can do it, but it IS possible to set up an in game class on the game, IF we can get the right players to get together and speak on it.

    the reason i suggest this is i haven't been able to locate a single developer blog, news article, or any other technical leads for this version, even play park is way off base. this is the only thing i've been able to come up with, aside from my many years of gaming in several different genres and themes.

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    one thing is notable with this guide that is interesting. Does it mean that changing path you will retain the skills of previous class (but not max level of course)?
    For example
    the skills of Infantryman will be retain in your skill list to learn but not capped meaning only those you can have below level 70 (say if i took Infantryman>Phalanx; skills of infantryman will be upgraded upon taking phalanx but not if i took Gladiator).

    Little that I knew that I know a little.

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