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    It would be great if magical tower could be done 7, 9, and 11 a.m. and p.m. for those that live in different time zones. The way it is now most of my friends can not do it because they have to go to bed for work when it starts.

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    I agree with this. Any time slots in the A.M. Would really brighten people's days who are wanting to do Magical Tower at this point, and can't due to time restraints in other countries.
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    My suggestion was to have it every 2 hours, but you have an entry limit of three times.
    You could do this by making it so to enter you need to talk to npc, and he gives you a 1 hour buff that you can't enter without. and you can only get it 3 times per day.

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    its simple just put it 6 times a day....
    for times dont just do night times
    maybe something like 5am,11am,4pm,7pm,9pm,11pm
    that way gives everyone a chance...some cant get in or miss it due to different countries it would be sleeping time for them
    and another suggestion please take pk out of tired of going in there as my healing priest and blues think its funny to pk where i have no chance to even defend myself as im healing my party

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    nice post

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