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Thread: 9Dragons 2016 Vision!!

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    Guys , please dont give up on this version, lots of players from redfox are coming your way, redfox is not looking good and will certaintly soon close its door , i stoped playing redfox today and am now installing this version i will play here and i hope this version will soon reach its full potential

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    Trying dl this, walk around. only met 2 other people. after that can't seem to see any1 xD
    Dead game ?

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    if this game ever wants to earn money here what is required is a wipe, or a new server. It will earn money for about 6 months
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    Server fall?

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    Subagames update information server cannot be found. This follows a planned maintenance. So, no game in 2017, and RedFox is just a give-away.

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    i played the game when they stopped contact during open beta... The server was sooooo busy they had money coming in from plenty of people that were putting money in since it was open beta and they wanted a head start, but the company just went silent all of a sudden. We was left waiting for the next map to open as we had all maxed as far as we could go ( i duno if they ever did open it ?) Tickets were sent asking and such but no reply. I would love to see the game become active but after nearly 3 years and no contact from the company i highly doubt they will make a come back.

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    Default is it okay???

    okay so ive downloaded 9 dragons. however is it' certificate information say's its valid from 2/23/2014 to 3/26/2015. So, what i want to know is if it is SAFE?????? this is important so any reply would be nice.
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