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Thread: Don't needlessly spend SP. Some skills do not multiply as Fighters.

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    Default Don't needlessly spend SP. Some skills do not multiply as Fighters.

    Been looking at a few of the skills as fighters and come to find that offensive and defensive position only add EXACTLY what it says and doesn't give you a penny more. This means if you have 50 p attack and it says it will add 5 points p attack, you get EXACTLY 5 points, there is no percentage or multiplication too. The same thing applies to defensive position.

    The only thing that is slightly ok is the heavy armor expertise, however it is just like it says, it will add only the specified vitality and nothing will multiply, but only add points.

    What this means is you can makeup for your missing points with enchants and reinforcements and save SP for real skills that actually make a big difference. Look at Destroyer for instance how one skill gives you a LARGE percentage of increased attack power. It lowers defense, but you are a dps so that doesn't really make that much of a difference defense wise.

    Keep track of what matters and what doesn't. Also Shield Barrier for tanks is kinda worthless at the moment until they fix the defense problem. Taking over 10X damage with Shield Barrier and +8 armor of current level against enemies that are over 20 levels below your current level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alectronas View Post
    Touching on both points, % values will be added back/become more prominent, and will be in skills instead of flat values, and appear in armor instead of only accessories.
    Values such as:
    • Critical
    • Dodge
    • Accuracy
    • Damage

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    Nice, but as they change these skills will they supply stat/skill reset to everyone automatically? Also some people might be so poor that they cant afford to buy the skills back with cash. Ill help you guys get your money if its really that bad.

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    Yeah they said everyone will receive a free restat & reskill after the stat and passives changes.

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    if we ever actually get them updates that is. I think I'll just predict the future its gonna come with big disaster bugs that won't be fix for 7months.

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    I have infantryman but elf what should I do in stats pure vit??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suwaidi909htxcf View Post
    I have infantryman but elf what should I do in stats pure vit??
    get a healer +5 or higher gears run around and circles. That's all to it right now and I think infantryman best stat is vit if you going for tank
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    Depending on how you run your char, you could benefit from being hybrid more. If you go full vit it is MUCH harder to get the gold you need for upgrading your equipment. Unlike DPSers, people can tell more often if a tank does not have good armor on so think hard about that. Just have a set for tanking and have a set for full dps so you can actually have the gold to buy potions for parties and upgrade your gear.

    It has been known for some DPSers to run around with LEVEL 10 weapons in Mudmen parties and or Graveyard party. While it doesn't require much armor to tank the graveyard because of the terrible defense formula, you still need a little vit so you can take a few hits. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE SYSTEM IS GOOD AS IT IS BECAUSE TANKING IS STILL KITING MORE THAN DEFENSE. You could wear super low level armor with decent vit upgrade and achieve roughly the same results as a level 75 set at the moment.

    Anyhow, we have to see what updates they put in the system, because they may have just added armor sets and percentages to the game. If that has happened, expect alot of those pesky high sellers in Alker to vanish because of those set bonuses. Also there were some accessory set bonuses too if they added that, so alot to look into.

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