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Thread: 3D Artist needs your help(AceOnline)

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    Default 3D Artist needs your help(AceOnline)

    Hey guys, my name is SilverWingzZ. I dont think a lot of you guys know me.
    But i am a 3D Artist and i always loved to mod the game.
    I created some new cool armor models but unfortunaly i cant use those models because i cant convert them to the file format that AceOnline is using(.x file MSZip Binary Compressed).

    I saw that a person from AceOnline Latino was succesful to implement a new model of the Bawoo. The so called Bawoo Wolf.

    Link to FB Site
    Name of the Creator Kaiden125(scroll down a bit and you be able to see the bawoo wolf + there is a screenshot in the comments of this post where it is shown in the game working but without texture because the texture wasnt created at this time)

    Does anybody know how he did it. I asked him but unfortunaly he couldnt speak english. It really would help me alot and i would also make the new armors free to use + tutorials on how to use them (if i dont harm any aceonline rules or whatever by doing so)

    SO PLS IF YOU KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT THIS LET ME KNOW. It is reaaaaaaaaally important to me.

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    Hi there.
    Have you had a look at/asked around at ragezone?

    Ragezone is a pretty good resource for game modding/development.

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