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    Default Post a OST from a memorable game.

    So like Hi, whats up!?

    So there I found myself in a situation with nothing to do, as maintenance once again assumes it's role. Then I figured I'd go look at how some of the old games I once played were going; to see If any others that I'd play'd in my youth that closed had been 'reborn' so to speak.

    And so it was that I stumbled upon a very influential game of my past, a game that I spent alot of time investing upon. A game that I played with my 'girlfriend at the time' with. A game that I remember spending hours farming flowers, and herbs on an selling them back off to others for there potions, and enhancers. The time spent with my guildmates in dungeons, and leveling up in FCC.

    I'm sure many of you have the same sort memories of games that you once played. And so I ask of you: What was your favorite game/ most memorable game. And what what was your favorite soundtrack in it. Do you have favorite memory

    Mine was Perfect World, and this is a track from my favorite city in the game. I used to spend time just standing there while I'd talk in guild chat with my friends while listening to this music:

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