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Thread: [June 1, 2016] Patch Notes - Housing, Dungeons, Job Passives + Other Changes

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    Quote Originally Posted by KaizerD View Post
    The drop rate hasn't been lowered--i think people are too used to the 3x drop rate from all the events going on and off so it's hard to judge what is the "regular" drop rate.
    I agree. When the event was over, I was not at all surprised. I probably get about 5-6 boxes of armor/weapons every 30 minutes of grinding now that the drop rate is back to normal.

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    WTF still i lost to much HP on my guard

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    Your supposed patch comes in next update it seems

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaloSilny View Post
    WTF still i lost to much HP on my guard
    I can feel you. I have +7 gears i'm a tanker but still i don't feel like a tanker at all because of high damage from monsters.

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    It is phy defense.

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    Vitality and potions spam. You can will easily overcome that defense problem. Always make sure that you have 6000 potions before going to grind. I have 2 tanks and the newer one is almost level 60 as well. I am not going to throw crap at you, like other people and say physical defense. People will tell you anything, however I will tell you from experience and many hours played that physical defense is borderline the most worthless skillpoint in the game at the moment. Its knowing how to take a hit and potion spam to get your hp back to take another hit.

    Now time to unfold blinds:

    1. The defense in this game is disgustingly broken, and a savy person who knows how this works will just use this game mechanic to their advantage. How do you take poor defense and use it to your advantage, that lays in the next point.
    2. Potion recovery time used to be alot longer, but now its incredibly too short so PVP is a potion spamming fest or wait until you have a mob of your own faction to take someone down. In pve and pvp this makes a severe class imbalance. Most mobs in the game take alot more Magic damage than Physical damage as when I was grinding and some mage that got banned was hitting me for about 3k damage in moonblind forest.
    3. Low Item Drop Rate punishes everyone and severely hurts guild points. Tanks need cash to build armor and get potions, but stuck killing lower level mobs from new people for cash to barely get by.
    4. No megaphones seems to made a poor turnout for the recent 3X exp event weekend. Also punishes new players and old.

    Combine the fast potion recovery time and the lack of defense the tank and everyone has and you have a problem that won't be fixed because everyone will whine about the potions being too slow. Also you fix the defense of tanks and now you have a tank that actually has to upgrade their armor rather than run around with terribly low armor(because its alot cheaper to upgrade a level 10/15 set than it is to get a 55+set with no money but does the same thing in defense. )

    The possible exploit or questionable material:

    How to use this to your advantage? Treat the mobs just like fighting players. For tanks its slower to kill, however you can kill alot if you juggle the mob. Take the time between shield edge and kiting the mob to heal yourself with the insanely fast spammable potions and bam, you can kill roughly 10-20 enemies at once. Depending on how you juggle them. Almost all the way from 50-60 with no grave or mudman party doing that and starting to gradually save what little money I can with drop rate decrease. It takes practice and is definitely not a trick for new people

    Money trick for the time being, Fishing:

    But the way to get your money now is to use a good amount of it you get from grinding, into fishing so you can get your money back. I even recommend letting character fish for a day without even playing actively except to update the equips and turn in fish points. Its worth more to fish now than it is to grind so once you squeeze the money out of monsters, do your thing .
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