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Thread: How do you guys build your archer?

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    Default How do you guys build your archer?

    I am playing an archer by lv70.

    Currently, my strength is 98 (for Full Metal Armor), agility 166, spirit 95, health 28.

    High health is for more skill shot.

    How do you all build your archer? I noticed that it's hard to survive in CT 1F now.

    Should I put more points on health?

    Btw, is it impossible to use Avalanche in maps >lv80?

    It seems to be an economical choice in terms of mana saving...

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    I see most of archer put no point in health to raise up their damage.
    U can use avalanche when ur wolverine go tank for ur safe :>
    thats all i know about game play of AS cause i no longer play my AS for a long time

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    it really depends how you want to play it and build your archer, on side note there are very archer players around nowadays.

    you may want to look at this guide, old but still good if you are new to archer build.

    i personally think of the current game play there is no need to add HP tho (that is just personal preference)

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    the higher the mobs hp & stronger it is the faster u want to kill them thus putting nothing or less into HP and more focus on single target damages like a FS or ATA would be good.
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