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Thread: [June 16, 2016] Patch Notes - Perm Costumes + Fishing Event

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    Finally a event and permanent costume are finally released. Can't wait for the new Luna reborn costumes ( monkey King )

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    Well at least they gave you guys perm costumes. Better then nothing.

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    And how look this costumes?

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    GM or Anyone, how about the look of June Costume? Any Gm or Anybody can give me those costumes look please

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    They made some improvement in pass maintenance which is good. But the time is at the essence in this case. They should know that most of the players are gamers who played the old luna. There is still a potential for growth if they wanted it. With the social media today, Im sure they can attract a lot of new players.

    MMROPG's are SOCIAL in nature.
    1. But removing the world calls like for instance will neglect a bit of the notion right. They can make a quest for these megaphones. (Not sure if theres one already). People are trying to find things to do / buy / share.
    2.I think all other mmorpgs have rare item drops from weapons to pets. Im sure thats one more thing worth looking forward too. (I missed Seven Guardian / Beserker armor, and also my fav... "Point of the sword".
    3. A little bit of attention like gm presence most of the time and performs some events would be nice.
    3. I bought suba points most of the time to support the game, and was planning to buy more, Im sure there are still others like me who are willing to buy subapoints but its up to suba to attract them.

    Oh btw... Gold spammers / scammers im sure all of you will get bad karma. Its a fact and reality in life.
    Bad karma strikes hard in soooo many ways. I've seen many ppl had that.
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    why do I keep getting access denied on the main forum page for luna online forum???
    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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    No one reply on tickets -_-

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