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Thread: [June 16, 2016] Patch Notes - Perm Costumes + Fishing Event

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    Default [June 16, 2016] Patch Notes - Perm Costumes + Fishing Event

    Hello Everyone!

    Todays patch notes are fairly straightforward while we are working on the bigger things in the game.

    Perm costumes will be available in the shop in the form of a lootbox. This lootbox has a 100% chance to give a perm costume set from the following costumes.

    • Formal Wear
    • Hanbok Set
    • Assassins Set
    • Blue Sherbet Swinsuit
    • Outlaw Set
    • Raincoat Set
    • Lovely Swimsuit (Male)
    • Viper Set
    • Chinese Emperor Set
    • Green Ranger Set
    • Expedition Set

    A different perm costume box will be released each month on a rotation, ensuring every costume in the game is available at some point.

    Each costume as well will count as a set and you will gain increased HP/MP and MoveSpeed for wearing all 4 pieces.

    For the next week or two, players who fish have a chance to gain a special currency called "Summer Gleam" as well as a very low chance to fish up special mounts.

    Players may use these currencies at the NPC "Event Mouse" located in Alker Harbour and Castletown Nera, to exchange them for rewards.

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    Permanent costumes? Sweet! Any idea how long the servers are going to be down for this patch?

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    Finally! I'm gonna be fishing like crazy now <3 Thank you GM's/Dev's <3
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    Quote Originally Posted by UmbrellainS4HI4 View Post
    Permanent costumes? Sweet! Any idea how long the servers are going to be down for this patch?
    more or less 30mins
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    Any pictures on how the costumes look? i only know like 4 of them lol

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    So with the Lootbox you get one permanent costume randomly? Can I just get the whole set of all of them at once? I'd be willing to pay plenty for that.

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    wow releasing new costumes while other stuff in game is still broken.. i guess its a priority... dungeon date, farming and mages casting (fail casting). are just low priority i guess.. not to mention the expired items from that long maintenance that has not been replaced yet.. its almost been 2 weeks.

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    and the dex stats that are useless also. seriously need to focus on priorityes

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    5 star pets everywhere ~

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    I agree that there are a sea of priority, but maybe they are still working on that and require more time, but what i don't understand yet is what is the final goal of Luna Reborn, Perm Costume that give only HP, MP and mov speed? they are continuing to release ruined stuff compared to Luna Plus, we had perm costumes with very useful stats and different for each costume, and now removed, we had commond gears, Rare and Legendary, and now every Gear is the same, just a couple of useless stats more each 5 levels, we had very useful accessories, example for casting speed, and now nothing, i don't even see the casting speed listed on the stats, i already imagine Grand Masters taking a coffee on every Greater Thunder, seems that they just took Luna Plus, ruined and removed every good thing, and relaunched officially as Luna Reborn, i still wait hoping that all of that will be restored and they are working considering that, but i don't really understand if that is the goal or Luna Reborn want just to continue in this new way

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