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Thread: Empress skills unusable

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    Default Empress skills unusable

    Empress bugs out when using the following skills while having a target selected
    - Rose Kingdom
    - Rose Territory
    - Announcement of Shelter

    - ... Not tested with any other skills.

    Once any of the listed skills have been used while a target is selected she will stay on the location of the target be it friend or foe and just move back and forth slightly and become completely unresponsive until the target dies or stop her from doing anything (CTRL+7)

    There's a workaround involving manual activation of the skills, I haven't discovered any conditions that allowed them to be activated automatically by having the checkbox above the skill selected.

    The workaround requires you do drop target (ESC) then cancel all the actions of empress (CTRL+7) and trigger whatever skill you want to use. (CTRL+1~4) The rate of success isn't all to good on this when you press the buttons one by one manualy through clicking or using hotkeys because anything attacking your character automatically brings it up as target. Larger groups of mobs make it quite difficult to use any skills.

    Setting it up as a macro seems to work decently even with a larger group of enemy's attacking your character, But it can still be quite tricky to have empress use her skills this way. Each time she bugs out with the macro a "manual" drop all actions was required before getting the macro to function again

    Having empress on anything but passive also makes it a lot more difficult to use any of the skills.

    I haven't been able to confirm if anyone else is experiences these issues with the same pet
    So far i haven't encountered any players that used her besides once walking past someone in town.

    I've also sent in a ticket like I've been requested by a GM some time ago but haven't had a response.

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    Update :
    The workaround doesn't seem to function properly when there's too much of a delay with the server.
    When a target is dropped it seems like empress sometimes still has it when executing a skill.

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