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Thread: Hypothetically speaking..

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    Default Hypothetically speaking..

    If you are given one miracle by God by altering timeline, what would you choose:
    [1] You can go back to the past only once. Lets just say God will erase everything to certain extent so you can overwrite it. But in exchange, your life will be deducted from how much your travel (for example; if you are fated to die at age 70, you will die at 60 if you travel 10 years back). On side note, you are strictly prohibited to change people karma too much (like born and death). Use this chance to change only your fate. Please consider as well that new future you craft is not guaranteed to be better than the way you are in now. You can bring one item of your choice in your journey (like journal or diary).
    [2] You can pause the time. God will make yourself capable of move while universe frozen in time. But, while you can move freely, you cant interfere with outside world. You cant move outside object beside your body and what you wear (At this point moving at frozen world is less comfortable as well). Please consider that when you freeze the time too much, you will be aging much faster in others point of view. Use this chance to carefully think your decision or make "teleport" effect.
    [3] Refuse God offer. Life with grace and hope God will bless your future.

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    With great power comes great responsibility. Knowing what I know now, I would take the power of number 1. Even if its one year, if God is offering free power and a 100% chance to get it, I would take it humbly. Also noting and remembering number 3 while I use number 1 because while number 1 and number 2 are cool powers, not forgetting about God's grace is very important while you make the decisions. I would have to reflect on myself and make sure to make the right changes before moving forward with a decision.

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    Pausing time sounds incredibly interesting even if I can't mess with other things. And it doesn't seem like something i would do a lot so the negatives of seeming to age faster to others doesn't mean a lot to me. Number 2 o/
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