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Thread: Hi all. Im a noob prs and I have some difficult prob

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    Default Hi all. Im a noob prs and I have some difficult prob

    After along time I had not played PT, now im back and prs is my favorite char.
    Noww my lvl is 105(due to CC and x2) and dont know the fastest way to up 108. Sod is now so slowly exp. so, where i can train now ?
    And what is the right build for prs to go ET1/2 ???
    Tks for reading my post !!

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    Fastest way up to 108 is finding pts in et2 and IM. If you can find a tanker to duo with in et2 or a larger pt for the IM hs getting 108 won't be too long especially if you're an sp buyer. The build that worked for me was enough str for 105 subs and everything in spirit for the highest dmg possible. Since you would have a tanker you dont need be close to the mobs just range SI, but advise aging up your gear to at least 12+ if you're going into IM so you don't get one shot from the tarans and serpents.
    What up GEE.

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    exactly same as dear Jdtrex said i add

    you need to buy Xppotion 100% and Premium Service for Prem for XPpotion

    Good Luck

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