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Thread: 3D DOMO Models re-texturing ( Kenshin7)

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    Default 3D DOMO Models re-texturing ( Kenshin7)

    Hi, I wanted to show off some of my work I did in re-texturing and I hope people will like having theses in game, if so
    leave a nice comment plz and thank you if you do.

    I call this one the tiger ruby lol :

    Another different style here:

    Black Punk Male:

    Purple rpg female:

    And my best work I assume since I done this completely from scratch, I would call this the alternative true saber haha or the dragon saber :

    closer look from the side:

    Hope you enjoy!
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    Now today I decided to make one for hunter

    never like much crossbow so I did a basic bow yet I think its looking great

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    Improvements of the bow :

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    alternative true wand (fire one with animation if possible ) ;p

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    I really love swords making, can you tell ?

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    How about some new back perm, I thought of a bag of arrows

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    Domo Dagger ;p :

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    Alternative true fan:

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    New style boxing gloves:

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