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Thread: [July 11th, 2016] Patch Notes - Castle Siege Wars, EXP and SOF fix!

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    Default [July 11th, 2016] Patch Notes - Castle Siege Wars, EXP and SOF fix!

    Hello Bluelanders!

    Today's patch is a pretty hefty one!

    It includes:
    • Castle Siege
    • Armor Sets
    • EXP Changes
    • Spirit of Forest Balance Fixes

    Castle Siege

    As of right now, Castle Sieges will start between 10:00 PM and 10:50 PM EST every Sunday.
    (We want players to give input of their preferred time frame so we can change it accordingly to match players' needs)

    To start the Siege, you will need to head to Nera Castle with a Level 3 or more Guild and use the "Suspicious Candlestick" in the Temple in Nera.

    Armor Sets

    Armor Sets are now back into the game!

    They now drop from Field Bosses, hopefully you can find a rare set!

    EXP changes

    We know you've been wanting to see the EXP changes for some time now and we're happy to finally bring them on!
    Certain fields will have their EXP increased up to 142%

    Level 25 - 30 fields will start with a 10% EXP increase and will increase by 12% in level 5 field increments.

    Please feel free to voice your opinion regarding this or any other issues you may have; happy hunting!

    Spirit of Forest Balance

    We took note of your concerns regarding the bosses of the Spirit of Forest dungeon.
    We have now balanced the first boss in Spirit of Forest to not be so overpowered.

    July boxes have replaced last month's June boxes in the Cash Shop! Don't miss out on this opportunity for this month's boxes!

    Take a look at the costumes at the link below!

    July Costumes

    We appreciate your continued support and we hope that you will have a great time in Blueland!

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    I saw something within the July costumes..... I lol'ed

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    Did you forget to fix the essences again?

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    What about the tod boss the 3rd one, no one goes that far because that boss is bugged

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    what are the info or stats on the armor set

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    can you please post a listing of the armor sets and the effects thats on them please and thank you

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    did you fix the freaking boss in ToD????????????????????????????
    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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    the exp is the same as when we had the 2.5x exp

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    Thanks for the patch, but please... fix the EXP of quests!

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    when do the set armor start to drop at what levels

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