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Thread: Event Idea: VIP Escort

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    Default Event Idea: VIP Escort

    This event is designed for high level players working together in a group. Each individual group gets 1 attempt and no other groups may assist them. The idea is to safely escort a VIP through Nera Harbor and reach Nera Castletown.

    The VIP will be level 1 or so and will walk, not run from the portal leading to Alker Harbor in the northwest corner of Nera Harbor to the entrance portal to Nera Castletown in the southeast corner. The idea for the escorting party is not to kill everything in sight necessarily, but to ensure the VIP is not harmed. Be wary of mobs with AoE attacks. The VIP will cast no buffs nor assist the party in any fashion and will continue to walk regardless of the danger they are in. If the VIP is killed, the party loses. If the VIP successfully reaches Nera, the party is rewarded.

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    Sounds really cool! By the way, talking about escort services, can you recommend me something cool and reliable right now? Thank you all in advance guys

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    Don't worry, I know one escort service that will be really a good variant for you right now. You just need to visit this resource on and learn more about everything right there as I know that they have a very good reputation in this sphere so everything will be fine for sure

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