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    Looking for people to participate in Alker Trading Group. Going to be trading items that people need for leveling. In most cases the items we trade are no charge. Tankers are in need of opals, and DPS need sapphires so, working on gem trading too. Already have 3 people involved in the group so far. If you are interested, just pm CecilHarvey and ClaudeKenniSO in game or please post here. Im very interested in who all will want to join!

    We are also partners with the Newbie Helping Network and the Boss Assassins.
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    For some reason it wont let me edit.

    We will be aiming to build the community and also as the community grows we will be targeting purchasing cash shop items. If you guys want the philos, costumes, and other new stuff that comes out, pleaase invest your time here.

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    I'm all for this trading group. My character is pretty broke at the moment so having a marketplace where we can easily trade stuff and sell is a good idea. It will be easier to find buyers too if we can get enough people to participate.

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    im in................................

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    i think im out. haha didnt see the initial post was on aug.

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