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Thread: Uncomfortable Playing SubaGames

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    Howdy. I was playing a game of yours, that LunaReborn and went around to check your GM list. Come to find out our GMs are not on your current list of GMs. Did they get fired? I am very confused about SubaGames as a whole at the moment because I can't seem to get any replies from putting in tickets for support and I still have yet to find a phone number to call if theres any serious issues. I considered purchasing SP for Luna Reborn and getting some friends to play with me, however the staff have all been not on time with most events to the point I question their integrity. Also they have been late in other aspects as well. The main thing here is communication. Nearly every page Ive been on with announcements seems to have things that are months to even years out of place. When I turn a website and see things dating back to 2014, Im thinking that nobody is really playing the game or theres very poor forum interaction. Seems that it is starting to become both problems at once. The supposed "GM" that was in the game.

    Now if our GMs have been frauds this whole time, then that means someone has been taking people's money that they don't even know. If the GMs have been legit, that means theres very poor updating of your websites that you may want to fix immediately. A weekly update is not that hard to ask for. People rageposting in forums should not be considered a weekly update of events.

    I will start out this thread like this and see where this goes. I want friends to play games which are going to have staff and people who we can trust if we are going to be buying SP. I cancelled buying SP this month because of the lack of communication. Does the rest of your games run like this? The forums at the moment are not very promising.

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    The games here are mostly relaunches of older games that ppl wanted to play again. If u saw a 2014 info, u can be sure that it wasnt the same company, version and ppl in there... well maybe the ppl moved here, that I dunno.

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    I honestly don't know what to think of suba right now. aeria games is more reliable at the moment..

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    In my opinion I've always been a SubaGames fan. Support has always helped me out and the staff has always been helpful, talkative and interactive in the most part.
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    I'm current Luna reborn MOD im always online any questions or concerns feel free to message me or pm me in game. Gm's don't work weekends or are sometimes very busy. You should never feel Uncomfortable here at suba My ign: Mincubus

    Mod Tech Support

    Events are every thursday , will be having more forum events as game progess forward, also the forums here are a bit quiet after game closing then re-realeasing but give us time sorry to let you down.

    update couldn't find a phone number but you can also reach gm here in discord
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    Necro~ Just popping in to help wherever i can.

    I wouldn't worry much about staff from former companies or game versions. I was an Aeria player once, then again, there's not many companies i haven't worked with as a player. Suba is good people, get to know them, follow their blogs, newsletters, company releases when they're available. You'll find them on top of things.

    It usually takes some time to get information amassed, but gamers, many, are also testers by habit, so experiment, report, give feedback, and if you're some of the more technically savvy, give suggestions on the more intimate details you discover. Companies don't acquire products blind, they're well aware what they're getting.

    Happy Gaming! ^^
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