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Thread: PSA About Luna

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChitosegamXcfY5 View Post
    If I may, I just started playing because I recently found out about Luna being back. Just a lowly level doing quests. First of all, what the heck does [Event] Halloween Treats does?! I searched the net, the forum, I can't find anything, the game doesn't explain anything like the [Event] Coupons the description say double like but nothing happened. I had to Google it and dig the forum to find out what it does. Maybe it's just me being noobie but there should be other noobies in game too and they're new and don't know a thing. xD I asked people but they ignored me. ;;; ]

    Second, GM just said that we should get to Skype in order to get replies, and other people have been complaining about GM not being active and I think it's only fair because if forums aren't actively responded to, what's the point of having a forum at all? This is the official LUNA FORUM after all but Skype is the one being active? That's-

    Third, monsters are dropping peanuts. I am level 35 but my skills are nowhere near that level. It became something like "I should prioritize the strongest skill and focus on those" instead of being able to learn them all. I mean, what's the point of having so many skills but can't really level them? I remember in the old Luna, I can pretty much learn everything! My attacks were colorful, fun and sometimes I waste MP just for the heck of it. It was fun! Every SP would already be used and I still have extra money to craft many, many colorful, fun armors that I loved to do.

    Third, the quests got me thinking, is it really worth doing them? I should just grind to level up instead. They give peanuts with peanuts experience. That's what MMO is, grindy, doing quest. New players would follow where they lead. There was one time where NOBODY is giving out quests. I had to search for them. Like a lost lamb searching for the path to home- Then I found where I should be. Old Luna would lead us to places. After Alker Harbor, go do quests here and there and that would lead to more NPCs with new quests. But I had to find them myself.

    Fourth, why is it so dead? Where are other players? Whenever I see players out in the field, I'm like WOW OTHER PLAYERS LETS GO TALK TO THEM. Its bad. Like some rarity. MMORPG is about the community. Being able to play with other people. Out of all the other Lunas, I would choose the one with many players. That's what I thought when I saw Luna Reborn because it's official instead of private servers. Luna Reborn feels more private than those.

    Still, I'm gonna stick around. But that's only because I love Luna Online. If that fades and nothing is improved, I might just find other Lunas because Luna Reborn isn't the only one. That's just what I think as a player. Others might think the same way so. Guys pls be careful, I want to see this game up and running and active. Sorry if it wasn't constructive;;;;
    You have 2 Thirds there fellow. Anyway Luna is good, what's bad is the service, if you take the time to read all long repplies here you'll realize why. Too many excuses, this is a very unprofessional staff.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lunaonlinep0Qxl View Post
    better not download this game. you will quit after you log in haha
    It's good new players come into the game silly, let them be.

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    Also the exp x2 every weekend was like one of the only things that kept me from abandoning the game and now that's gone so it's pointless to play knowing that no matter how much i grind id level once every 3 weeks or something ...

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    Just Play, Don't Like it Just Leave it.Simple.

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    ok matesssssss

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