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Thread: StarOcean Guild (Red) Recruiting Incoming new people!

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    Default StarOcean Guild (Red) Recruiting Incoming new people!

    StarOcean is recruiting new people in its quest to increase the overall manpower of the server. We are mainly looking for friendly people who will welcome new people into the server and not ignore the calls for help from new people all the time. While we are busy sometimes leveling, its nice to at least take a few seconds to point someone in the right direction or just hand someone down a few potions here and there as you level. So thats the kind of people we are looking for. Friendly people who look out for others. While you do that, be sure to take good care of yourself too so you don't overdo helping other people. Besides that, the biggest thing besides having a heart is INTEGRITY. We need people who are honest and not dishonest. Sometimes I have items that I can give out, while other times I have all the way down to 0 gold and no items to hand out.

    So all who are new and just coming into the server. Star Ocean welcomes you to join our guild!

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    a very good and nice guild.
    IGN: ClaireFarron
    Guild: -

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    I would love to be part of this guild how do I become a member?

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