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    Hello, i am not a new player however i still lack alot of experience. What i want to ask is how does other player get like crazy gamble on their weapon like a +27% ra or +27 prob.

    It is recommend to build a bg for farming?

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    Good fixes come from re rolling fixes using tons of super gambles. Don't waste much time on anything that is not "endgame" equips: revision, 110 Hieros,110 dejilish, wp slots,110 noimm,110 schriel, 110 level stds a/b/m/i etc as a example. BG is yes the gear to farm with, however it's more about boss killing and getting extremely lucky with boss box nowadays vs actual farming which sucks. There is goldie event tho which and is boring but BG is good for that too. Get a supernova or noimm full reatk hopefully with prob/reatk hyperfix.
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