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Thread: Problem with Attendance

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    Default Problem with Attendance

    I have a problem. He followed disappeared the day he was carrying. He wore about 18 days and I find that disappeared . I do not understand what happened, as you will connect me every day in a row.
    Please help

    Name: DREIZER

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    The problem is because you didn't take it.
    You have to take the attendance twice per a day.
    Hope the Gm would send the attendance token cards, You'd use one card and your problem will be fixed.

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    you don't need to take it twice per day. This is how it works (99% sure)
    At 5pm (gmt, London) there’s like a reset, it will reset the PvP kills and entries for the PvE modes i.e.: snake mode etc the best way I can describe it is it's the 24hour mark for the server. So now depending on when you logged in and playing one match on the first day of the patch that will be your attendance time. For example: if i logged in at 1pm and played 1 match my attendance is before the reset. However, if i was to take it after the reset it would mean the attendance before the reset isn't actually counted. (I can try explain it better, if needed, the result are from my own experience and knowledge been playing since 2012 and this is how I have understood it.)

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