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Thread: Client crashing

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    Unhappy Client crashing

    I was offline for a couple of months and decided to come back. I was on an airship, and as soon as I stepped into Thereall, the game crashed. Rather than mess with it for several hours, I just redownloaded and reinstalled the game, and everything has been working fine for a day or two. Just tried to log in today, once again in Thereall, and though I am able to get in game now, as soon as I summon my Barbarossa the game crashes (it was not doing this last night). I think it's got something to do with the graphics, because if I have my settings set to Show No Pets I can summon her with no problems, but when I set it to view my pets only, the game then crashes. I have the log file for anyone who knows how to read it. Any help would be much appreciated. <3
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    Just wanting to chime in to say that this is still happening. The only way to temporarily fix it is to uninstall and reinstall the entire client.
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    what do u do after you dowload lucent hearts

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