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    Hello Everyone. I guess I've found myself back to playing Priston Tale. I completely forgot my previous account name so I'm starting fresh and was hoping to see if there's anyone who'd like to play with me as I know this game gets lonely without a party or a group of people talking to each other. I'll be starting a new Priestess character as I've always loved playing priestess when PT first came out. I know there a lot has changed since then and I'll be looking forward to the new gameplay.

    IGN: Miukki

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    Welcome Miukki if u Need any Help Pm me in game T100x and Omayron

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    Hey, just started playing again myself, not sure how long it'll last but its always fun with other people rather than solo. Not entirely sure what I'll be playing but I made a mech for now, just got it to level 25 ]BeyondReason[ is the IGN

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    welcome back to the game, I am new to this game, but playing my brother high lvl character, what i can offer in helping you both , that i can pass few boss crystal to you.. it helps in leveling and tanking monsters, just contact me in game usually i spend my day in valento server,

    IGN Sofiux

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    Well thats nice of you, do you not have any lower levels to play with me though ? I'm also not sure if I want to play Mech or something else and I heard there is 2x on servers except on valento right now

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