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Thread: Attention Atalanta's in server

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    Default Attention Atalanta's in server

    i am also an atalanta and i need your help about atalanta builds.
    will i go 84 str and just use santa or go for str type atalanta?
    any suggestions that can help please leave message here.
    [Ex]Fighter 11x

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    no one will answer..

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    Ata is solid. I saw 84str ata, mid str ata (14x str) and high str ata (wearing high lvl armor) in high lvl maps and all of them can xp well

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    Hi, im ata and semi build. Means i use str for low lvl armor (as 80d) just to be able to set major stones in it. I use as, cz the spec given isnt very much, but its 10 diff in str u need. atm i am at 146 str (perf as 80d is 144). With high aged subs and shield got a very good abs/def and still strong attack.
    MrsBJ78 ata OHX-Clan

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    Hi Hi cashey if i spelled that right it's been so long since i saw your old archer name. Miss u.
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