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    Default New archer!

    Hi guys,

    I am returning to the game after 13 years! A lot has changed with the introduction to tier 4 and tier 5. I reached level 85 pretty quickly with SoD but I am in need of some guidance about archer builds. I am currently doing synthetic armor and rest in agility. Which tier 4 and 5 skills should be maxed first? Thanks!

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    Well, you should post here

    I am not a pro Archer but this is what I build for my Archer

    What changed in 13 years:
    Perfect Aim: Dmg increased (but still suck)
    Avalanche: Dmg increased from 42% to 51%
    Evasion Mastery: Evade from 20% to 44%
    Force of Nature: dmg increased from 30 to 110
    Recall Wolverine: Better stat
    Phoenix Shot: dmg increase from 158% to 176%

    What I build for T4-5:
    Force of Nature: It increased 110 dmg

    Evade Shot: At lvl10 it stuns mobs in 17 seconds and the mobs can't return to normal status until the stun time is over. This skill has no delay, so the mobs have no choice except just standing there and wait for death. It's a great skill in hunting. Sadly it has no effect in PVP and in Boss fight

    About the atk skill, you can choose Phoenix Shot (its dmg increase from 158% to 176%) or Thunder Roop (T5 skill)
    Sadly in EPT Thunder Roop only has 1 hit, so now it's not good. If in the next patches, Thunder Roop is updated to 2 hit-skill like KPT, JPT and BPT, it will become Archer's best atk skill. Now I recommend u should stick with Phoenix Shot since it's faster. I am using Thunder Roop because I am lazy and just want to shift+click

    You should find Female Green Santa (Notice the helmet symbol on the armor or you may buy a robe). It has better stat than syn armor and has 30HP and 30MP.

    Beware, there are 2 kinds of Female Green Santa, one is add 30HP and 30MP, the other only has 5HP and 5MP. Just buy the 30HP+30MP one
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