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Thread: Spooky Tales from the Lucent Heart Crypt - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

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    A dream?

    Winds howled...The trees shattered. So quiet.. Everything and everyone sleeping in deep darkness while I'm tapping on my laptop keys with this bright blinding screen. The wind howled and howled again. Chills crawled up to my sleeves. Yami suddenly messaged me, "Be careful...He is behind you." I replied back, "What?" Suddenly, my screen shuts down blending into the darkness. I gulped. Winds howled over and over again. "That's weird, is there a blackout at this time?", I asked to myself. Yami's message still bothers me. It's stabbing my curiosity. I reached out for the flashlight and turned it on. I slowly turned behind me and I noticed my legs are shivering in fear. But, there's nothing behind me. "Oh, I'm so silly", I told myself. I started to walk, my legs crumbling down. I felt the flashlight slipping away from my hands. I went out the door and checked if it was a blackout.. Suddenly, someone whispered, "Hi...." My face started to boil up with sweat. I turned... slowly around with my legs falling apart. "AHHHHHHHH!", I screamed with my high pitched volume. I...was melting down, walking backwards. I anxiously screamed, "I...I...DON'T COME NEAR ME!" His body dripping a stream of blood. He turned his head 180 degrees facing me. He had no eyes.. His face is a full of blood, his veins slurping out of his body. His legs and arms all cracking and tearing apart. I.. with a terrified face ran back as fast as a cheetah and locked the door. My eyes tearing away.. I cried, "Mother, father, WAKE UP, THERE IS A BEAST!" My mother slowly rised up.. Her eyes! I dropped myself down on the floor. My mother.. her eyes are GONE! Blood! Blood! Blood! It's filling the room! My father slowly rises up on his bed, his head suddenly disappears. They spoke at the same time, "What's wrong?" Their voice echoed through my ears. I screamed!... "AHH!" I woke up, sweating in fear. The lights got opened. My mother came and asked, "What's wrong, dear?" She was normal. I cried, "It was just a dream." I hugged her tight but I suddenly saw blood dripping down. I screamed, "AHHHH!" Her face is melting down into blood!.......... Was it a dream?...
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    Unknown Man In The Bus

    My friend and I was going home together in the late evening. We had a great time watching movies at the town. We lost track of time and afterwards decided to go home since we lived in the same dorm.

    We waited at the bus stop for half an hour before I realized we missed the last bus. As the result of being careless, we wondered how can we manage ourselves to get home, it wasn't too far to walk but the roads were treacherous at night because in our area, there was no light along the way to home. We walked home, walking along the lonely road in a complete darkness, trying not to trip or fall over into any ditch.

    When I saw a headlights coming up over the hills behind us, in my own thought, it was a car or bus, coming up very fast but without producing any noise. As it approached nearer to my friend and I, I could make out the outlines of the vehicle, it appeared to be a bus and our only hope was the driver can see us in the dark and stop for us. The bus kept going fast until the bus bathed us in bright white light and the bus screeched in a stone's throw distance from us. We ran as fast as we could and rode on the bus as the door swung open.

    As soon as we stepped in, the door shut behind us and the driver took the bus off again at full speed. It was dark inside the bus, but after my vision became clearer, I could see that it was almost full and I could see two vacant seats. We sat down there, resting our weary legs.

    The atmosphere in the bus seemed cold. It seemed colder than outside, and there was a strange and unpleasant smell. I looked around at other passengers, there were all silent, not seemed asleep but each of them stared straight ahead. It was becoming harder to bear the deathly smell.

    The icy coldness inside the bus chilled me to the bone and the strange smell was making me sick. Not only me noticed it, it seemed my friend noticed it too, as she was confused and shook in coldness. After a while, I could not bear the strange smell anymore, reached out across my friend and tried to open the latch of the bus's emergency door myself. But, the latch broke when i pulled it. In fact, every part of the bus was in a terrible state of disrepair. Almost decaying, the leather seats were crusted with mould, and the floor of bus was literally rotting and breaking away beneath our feet.

    I looked to my friend in panic as we quickly stood up from our seat. All the passengers slowly turned their head towards us and looked us in the face. My heart turned cold and i felt my blood were drawn out from my face. I saw one passenger seating not far from us. His eyes were wide and seemed as if they were popping out his head. His face was as pale as a corpse. And his bloodless lips were drawn back, showing his big yellow teeth.

    I felt a dreadful feeling of horror coming inside my body. I became aware that everyone on the bus was staring straight to us with ghastly look on their faces. Their awful faces were covered in rotting flesh and their clothes were covered on dirts. Their terrible eyes were all menacingly staring at us.

    My friend was shaking in fear in my back. I gathered my courage and grabbed her hand and ran down to the door and tries to open it, until we saw a dark stranger approaching us slowly. From head to toe, he appeared to us in black color. His black hair was slicked back and wore an expensive suit with a tie.
    As the man walked closer, I felt a creepy chill run down in my spike. My friend felt the same thing. I notice that his feet was big in size like a goat feet, and hairy.

    We backed away our steps in fear, until that single moment, as the door of bus swung open, I heard a mighty crash. Then, I heard many voices, children's voices, all screaming in unison and I felt a crushing pain in my chest before everything went black.

    I woke up and I saw my friend unconsciouly sleeping in the bed. The head doctors who treated us told me, a couple passed by few days ago, where they found us to be unconscious and brang us to the nearest hospital. But, it was thanks to the dark tall man who was calling out for the couple. That was when they saw us unconscious and the man had dissapeared when the couple looked at where the man was standing.

    Until now, we still feel the chill and feel our body become weaker, sweat a lot, thinking that we passed through those incidents with no broken bones or fracture and physically fine.
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    Default my story

    That's the first thing I noticed when I regained consciousness.
    It felt like my head had been used as a punching bag. My tongue felt like a piece of leather. "What I wouldn't do for some water, anything, now", I thought.
    I tried seeing anything, but it was pitch dark.
    If I concentrated hard enough, I could hear some noise from somewhere, but it echoed everywhere and I could't make out where it was coming from. Ugh. It made concentrating on anything even more difficult.
    I tried accessing my magic so use any skill so I could at least see anything.
    "Huh, this feels wei..."
    I woke up again. I have no idea how much time has passed. The voices are gone. On the plus side, I my head hurts less now. Ma always used to say that I always saw the best in any situation...
    I tried standing up, but my legs gave out. Next, I tried crawling, and I managed to do it with great difficulty. If I escape from here, I'll never say that hangovers are the worst pain again. After who knows how long passed, I heard the voices again. I tried yelling for help, but only some soft, unintelligible noises came out. "ghlll.. hhlll... werrrrrrr"
    I tried deciphering what the voices said, but it was too soft to properly hear it all.
    " Down....upping..age"
    The first thing I noticed was the groggy feeling. It was back again. Where exactly am I? Who were those people? I tried remembering the last thing before this dank place. It's not like I could do anything else. I really want to use my skills to at least see where I'm at, but the last time I did that, I passed out. The last I remember was entering this dungeon with Emma. "Come on, Emma", I said, "We'll be rich once we're done here. You don't honestly believe all the BS about this dungeon being haunted, do you? Don't be such a *****. If we find the treasure, you'll have enough money to pay off your house and then some" I could clearly see I had confined her with the house part. We entered the dungeon, I had everything we needed in my inventory.
    After about 10 minutes or so just choosing random passages("Surely we won't get lost here", I said. "the dungeon is only half a square mile big")Emma suddenly screamed and pushed me out of the way. "Don't scare me like that, Emma!", I yelled and looked back at her. Only it was not Emma anymore. There was so much blood, and a mangled body that had clothes that Emma wore. "OH, SHIITE!" I quickly unsheathed my magical sword and spun around. I noticed a male silhouette, and the next thing I knew was darkness. "ofck ofck ofck I got Emma killed"
    Tears were flowing from my eyes, I sobbed quietly for what felt like forever, but was probably only a few hours or so. I passed out after that.

    I regained consciousness again. There is so much light, I can barely see anything. I hear people chanting, and after a few moments I could see people circling around me.

    "Oh great humbug, accept our sacrifice in peace.
    Oh great humbug, accept our sacrifice in peace.
    Oh great humbug, accept our sacrifice in peace.
    Oh great humbug, accept our sacrifice in peace."

    I also noticed someone reading something in some language I didn't understand. It really creeped me out.
    This girl walked towards me,and stopped right in front me.
    She pulled a dagger and whispered "I'm sorry for this, but we must feed the demon, otherwise he'll kill us"
    and then stabbed me in the neck.

    The End.

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    The Nightmare

    Sora did a terrible thing. He knew he's be punished, that was when he slept and was ready to be punished. His biggest fears were :
    1. Insects.
    2. Elevators.
    3. Tight places.

    The nightmares started. It was fast and shocking, disgusting cockroaches started jumping on his face. He couldn't scream because he was afraid they might enter inside his mouth, and he couldn't wipe them off because he was afraid he would crush them onto his face making it more disgusting. They entered inside his clothes and even under his armpits. He sat there crying for hours in torture until the first punishment was over.

    The 2nd punishment started. He suddenly found himself in an elevator, alone. The elevator was going up when it suddenly stopped. He was shocked when the lights went off. He tried to reach for the buttons, so he walked forward but couldn't reach anything, so he walked and walked but still couldn't reach anything. He started running but it was all blank, running in blank going nowhere till suddenly, the lights went on and he found himself standing in the middle of the elevator small room as the elevator started going up again but the ceiling of it was missing. It went up till it reached the limit but didn't stop so the space kept closing in and it was so noisy Sora started screaming until the 2nd nightmare was over.

    The third punishment started. He suddenly found himself in a pipe. Blades were chasing him so he needed to go forward inside the pipe but the space inside was tightening. He couldn't stop because he was scared of the noisy blades so he kept going on forward till it was so narrow he couldn't breath. The blades stopped so he tried to go back but he couldn't it was all tight till he lost all his breath and that's when he woke up. He was thankful it was just a nightmare and he promised himself he'd be careful in the future and wouldn't do the terrible thing he did again and would try to fix everything.

    The end.
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    Default Delila's story

    Soooo, I'm unsure if this is allowed, but this is Delila's story.
    She was really excited about this event, but something got in the way and she's awfully busy these days.
    She sent me a rough draft last week, when she still had time, and since she isn't able to come online, i thought i would submit what she had written for her.

    Here's the story.

    Paramedic was on his way to Soah. Wandering through the cobblestone streets, he couldn't help but be nervous. Last week, he was so busy, he couldn't free the time to visit Soah, like he did every friday. That's why he had a big bag filled with Freya's yummyliscious cookies. Soah loved these. There was no way in hell she was going to stay mad at him if he brought these. Or so he thought.
    Seeing her house in the distance, Para slowed his pace down a bit. When he arived in front of her door, he took a deep breath and started knocking on the door. "Soah, I'm here!!" he yelled, and kept knocking in a way that would annoy Soah, so she would open the door. After a minute, he started getting annoyed and yelled. "SOAH, I KNOW YOU"RE IN THERE. I BROUGHT YOUR FAVORITE COOKIES", he said and tried opening the door. To his suprise, the door opened. "Strange", he thought. "Soah never leaves the door open, even when she expects me... "

    The smell of something rotten hit him as soon as he opened the door. "Bleh, what is this smell? Did Soah try to cook again?", he thought.
    Running to the kitchen, he saw that the fridge had fallen down and some blood spatters on the floor, leading to Soah's room. He ran to her room and pushed the door open.
    "Egads, the smell is even stronger here!!" he thought. Soah was not in the room... He looked arround and saw some maggots crawling in front of her dresser. As he got closer to the dresser, the smell got almost unbearable. When he opened the dresser, he saw the most disgusting sight he had ever seen and puked.
    There was a dead body in the dresser, with maggots crawling under the skin. Paramedic Sprinted out of the house as fast as he could. When he was outside, he started pacing left and right. "Para, think.... One, Soah is not home. Two, there is blood on the floor. three, there is a dead corpse in her room. OMG, is it Soah??" He then rushed back in, holding his hand in front of his nose and trying not to breathe to prevent smelling too much of the foul smell. When he looked closer, he noticed that the corpse had much longer hair than Soah. He sighed in relief. That was a bad idea, he inmediately gagged from the smell.

    Suddenly the door to the hallway slammed shut and he heard lots of creaking. Parah rushed to the door and tried to open it, but to no avail. The door didn't budge. He tried pulling it, but that only caused the handle to shoot out. Next, he tried kicking the door, but he wasn't strong enough. Then he noticed some goo pouring in from under the door that looked and smelled an awful lot like the spider poo with the creepy eyes he saw last time he visited Soah.

    "I'm too young to die, I'm too young to die, someone help me" he thought and screamed as loud as he could. He took the scissors from the make-up table and stabbed the goo. It did nothing. He ran as far away from the goo as possible tried screaming even louder and started banging against the wall. The goo just sped up.
    Suddenly, the goo shot out to Para's torso and Para yelped. He tried smearing it away, but it wa sawfully sticky. Meanwhile, the goo also started creeping up his legs, preventing him from running. Para struggled to get free, but the goo wouldn't budge much. Finally, after a few minutes the goo had almost encompassed his whole body. "Death by goo...That's not what I had in mind when i visited here... I hope the others miss me..." and gave up. The last words he heard were "Death to stinky humans" and then everything went black.

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    Congrats everyone!
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    cant pm GM Casper tho :c

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    Apologies, should be fixed now!

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    Do we have to send a message in game in game or private message in your forum profile?
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    when will we, participants who got the ep and cakes recieve our stuff?
    where do we specify what character should get em?

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