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Thread: Spooky Tales from the Lucent Heart Crypt - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

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    Quote Originally Posted by AcapucoLeo View Post
    Do we have to send a message in game in game or private message in your forum profile?
    I believe the best would be here on the forums.

    Quote Originally Posted by Newlordvadr810Y View Post
    when will we, participants who got the ep and cakes recieve our stuff?
    where do we specify what character should get em?
    You don't have to specify anything; Those prizes will be sent to the account you've used to submit your entry.
    When you log in game you'll be notified with something like "You have rewards to claim!" and to claim them you'll have to open your Item Mall and press the "Receive" button. Of course you'll only be notified after the rewards are sent.
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    I sent everyone PMs here on the forums confirming their prizes and characters. Let me know if I missed anyone!

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    Gratz to the winners \o3o/

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