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Thread: Spooky Tales from the Lucent Heart Crypt - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

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    Default Spooky Tales from the Lucent Heart Crypt - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    After a few nights of hiding under our beds, cowering in fear after reading these stories, we have finally decided on the winners! First off, we want to say that everyone did an excellent job at delivering the spooks in their own, unique way! It was extremely interesting to see the wide variety in the types of horror and writing styles that each and every one of you had. Sincerely, thank you to all who submitted a story, it was honestly a huge pleasure reading them all.

    Without further ado, here are your winners:
    • 1st Place - Castiel1
      - This entry definitely knocked it out of the park with the author's horrifically vivid descriptions! The creative use of the IP tracker was really well done!
    • 2nd Place - FalkoLH
      - A very well written and well articulated short story that gave us a very classic sense of horror.
    • 3rd Place - Skymiel
      - This one really kept us captivated and intrigued as to what would happen next.

    Congratulations to all the winners! And again, thank you very much to those who participated; there were a lot of fantastic stories that made it quite difficult to choose the winners for this contest!

    If the winners could PM me their choice of items, that would be greatly appreciated!

    *And as a reminder, all qualified participants will be receiving 7 Original Honey Cakes and 20 EP*


    Entries are no longer being accepted! Submitted entries are being reviewed and a winner will be chosen soon! Thank you very much to everyone who submitted a story!


    You and your friends are walking through a dark spooky forest when suddenly you notice that you got separated from the group. You start panicking and try to run back to your friends but you can’t find them. Out of nowhere, two ghostly figures appear! It’s GM Spooky and GM Casper! Their ghostly hands reach out and hand you a note. It says “WRRRIIIITTTEEE MEEEE SOOMMEE SCAARRYY TAALLEESSS”

    Hey guys! We’re back with your yearly dose of Spooky Stories! Come, gather around the campfire and tell us a story that’ll rattle our bones.

    Submit your spooks as a reply to this thread after October 1st, 2016 and we’ll pick the one that best gives us the chills and the trills! Get as creative as you can, from simple campfire style to creepypasta with spooky in game images!

    • There must be effort put into the entry or it does not qualify.
    • The GM team will decide if something is qualified as an entry or not.
    • Lucent Heart related content is encouraged although it is not required to include Lucent Heart elements in your story.
    • No plagiarism.
    • No alternate accounts may submit entries.
    • No banned players may submit entries.
    • You may only submit one story so make it count!

    • You can not use characters from an/a anime/manga/cartoon/movie/etc. and write a story with them.
    • You can not use Lucent Heart players as characters in your story without their consent.
    • You can write a story that takes place in the Lucent Heart world.
    • You can write a story that happened to you in real life (or online).

    • 1st Place - 20,000 SP worth of Lucent Heart Items of your choice and 100 EP
    • 2nd Place - 13,000 SP worth of Lucent Heart Items of your choice and 75 EP
    • 3rd Place - 8,000 SP worth of Lucent Heart Items of your choice and 50 EP
    • All qualified participants - 7 Original Honey Cakes and 20 EP

    Start Date:
    October 1st, 2016 12:00AM EST

    October 31st, 2016 11:59PM EST

    *NOTE: Any story posted before or after the contest period will not be considered qualified!

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    The Damned Boys

    -- Felix had ordered that his members would create an ark for your first son. Unhappy with the result, one of Felix's member hit the back of Felix's brother with a piece of wood and accidently killed him because the pointed part of the wood hit his head.
    -- Vowing to avenge his death, others members passed owl dried blood on their chest and a man who is called exorcist just cursing the chest of the boys.
    -- Sometime later, a total of 21 deaths were attributed due to the accursed region. The children of Felix also died all the same cause. Nobody ever dared in that region explain what ever happened to Felix's family, it keeps an unfinished mystery while more people keep dying for a unknown source, when they try to discover what is wrong with the unfinished ark.

    PS: Sorry for some bad grammar, I tried my best. ~!
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    The Dogman

    I felt the hot puffs of air moves wisps of my hair away from my back. A fervent tingling wretched the air and infected my back. I knew he was behind me. Terrible claws twitching in bloodlust, attached to a fur covered human hand with knobbly knuckles. I knew he was there puffing and huffing deep breaths through the muzzle of the wolf-like face. I closed my eyes. I breathed calmly in, calmly out. Hot air constantly cascaded past me. I trembled. Those ears would be pinned forward, dog mouth turn into a cruel grin but muzzle wrinkled in fur. Yellow stain prisms of teeth flecked with crimson stars, fangs ready to devour. Completely furred muscle of a human chest and twisted, malformed legs leading to large sickle-armed paws the size of dinner plates. I did not see him but I knew. My shoulders grew numb waiting for claws to rend them to red rose ribbons, the hairs of my neck stood on end feeling the waves of breath increase in their strength and heat. My neckbones ached waiting for jaws to close around them and wretch them from their brothers. I closed my eyes and felt the tears bleed from their sockets, travel down my quivering cheeks and land on my heaving chest covered in cream colored wool. My heart raced, a quick, strong patter in my chest. I knew that those malevolent gold yellow eyes were regarding my with a hunter?s gaze of phosphorus, waiting for a twitch, a moment of weakness to attack and devour. I gripped the harsh, cold granite of the counter in front of me. I knew he was there! I knew he was! Waiting with terrible claws and teeth! Quickly, in a spout of recklessness I knew I had to face him. I knew! And I turned and I saw- -

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    It was a dark quiet night, a chilling breeze of icy cold wind brushes against the cheek of Castiel as he walks down an eerily silent road to his apartment. The apartment building was old, 19th century old and it still has that 19th century creepy vibe feeling.

    Castiel slowly opened the door revealing a dark unkempt living room. He took a long sad look upon his apartment and he let out a loud sigh as he closed the door shut. It has been a rough week for him. He is in a constant state of drowsiness that a cup of coffee can’t seem to fix. Everyday a ton of hazy memories he can barely remember. He went to the fridge and took a beer and some left over to serve as his dinner.

    He sat down the items on the table and immediately noticed the missing laptop. Something felt off, very off. He went to his room and rummage through his belongings trying desperately to find his holy grail, his laptop. As he was searching in his room, the sense of dread grew ever so slightly as he seems to notice more items that are out of place.

    After a good 30 minutes of searching, he finally found the laptop under a pile of clothes near the closet. As he was about to reach for the laptop he heard a silent rustle coming from the direction of the closet. Tired and hungry, he quickly dismissed it as his imagination and proceeded to boot up his laptop, started eating and opened the Lucent Heart, the hit new game everyone is talking about.

    After about one hour of playing Lucent Heart, Castiel’s eyes can barely open, the drowsiness have caught up to him. He barely made it to his bed before collapsing into darkness, with his limp body slouching over his bed.

    Now you may be wondering why Im narrating this, what is the purpose of this. Well you see, I like to document the final sweet hours of my victim as they go through their day unknowingly that it is their last, before I indulge myself on inflicting sweet, sweet pain on my victims.

    He was very confused as to why he was tied up so I made it very clear to him. I light up my blowtorch and ever so slowly, I inched it closer to his feet. He screamed in brutal pain as his own meat cooks and meat juices slowly sizzles out as it comes out.
    Not satisfied, I took out a nail and hammer taunt him as he cries in pain and agony. I slowly inserted the steel nails in-between the joints in his hands, “Thud” the sound of hammer as it drove the nail straight to the joint destroying it completely. As I insert a nail one by one into his joint, all he could do was flail and wail as the pain on his hands was overwhelming. For my grand finale, I heat up a nickel ball until its red hot and dropped it in his mouth. He went into seizure and was flailing around as the red-hot nickel ball wreck havoc in his mouth. I watch happily, grinning from ear to ear as I watch as the black of his eyes rolled up and stayed white as the life of him faded out in this world.

    This was weeks ago and I’ve grown weary for I can’t find the perfect victim for my next great work of art! So now I turn in the internet and I’ve posted this story to attract fellow horror lover. You see, you are not anonymous in the internet, with the right tool, a person can collect enough information about you to track you down.

    And just my luck, I have found the perfect tool to gather the information of all the person who read this.

    I’ll be coming for you.
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    It was a spooky summer night in Acadia.
    All the community gathered in Thereall.
    Dancers by cupid, shops by the knight's house.
    But something was surreal.

    Not all was well, there was a lurking problem, a drought if you will.
    A drought not of water, but new content to explore.
    Version 10 was stale, old, and dated.
    The people wanted more.

    It was on this dark night that a ritual would take place.
    The stars were aligned, Leos were invincible, and Taurus still useless.
    The legends foretold of this night.
    That the gods could be summoned to clean this mess.

    For too long have the people suffered from no new content.
    The people survived off of pets, released every Friday in a $2 chance pod.
    The citizens gathered in a circle in the center of the city.
    They wished to speak to a new god.

    The mighty got Subarius warned of the dangers of this being.
    A god so powerful, it can shape the land.
    Making contact is dangerous, but rarely ever possible.
    Tonight is the night, to summon Playcooiand.

    Playcooiand the great, Playcooiand the powerful.
    Please Playcooiand, come down from the sky.
    Playcooiand the mighty, Playcooiand the omnipotent, make your presence known.
    We are the people of Acadia, for new content we will die.

    With a crackle of lightning, the sky would churn and shift.
    A glowing figure, descending from heaven.
    Speaking not of pets, or furniture.
    But Version 11.

    The people rejoiced, their voices were heard.
    The people jumped and danced with glee.
    But the peoples smiles turned to frowns as the god spoke:
    "Will be available for 100k SP"

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    I left Thereall excited for adventure
    Filled with adrenaline and excitement
    I rushed through trees and branches
    Everything suddenly went dark
    A foul smell hit my nose and the air felt heavy
    My eyes began to dim as a strong wind gushed in my face.

    I began to hear a low creepy voice
    I screamed in the air in a futile attempt to silence it
    Shivering in cold sweat, I stumble as I tried to ran
    The whispers, ever growing; now shouting in my ears
    I tripped as some ungodly hands grabbed my ankle

    As I slowly looked up, a hideous gigantic gate stood before me
    A sense of dread befell into me as I recognized the gate
    A gate adorned with thousands of bloodied skulls,
    A gate surrounded by a foul stench of death
    They said it’s only a legend, a myth, superstition, a fairy tale
    It’s… only… a legend.., BUT WHY!

    A hideous scream pierced the silence as I weep.
    “Crack, Creeeeak” The Gates of Hades slowly opened
    A sound that I dreaded reached my ears.
    Two devilish eyes stared at me at the chasm
    It gave me a choice, at least I think it did.
    It spoke no word but I understand what it said.

    I… I wanted to live no matter what.
    Suddenly two creepy bone hands emerged from the Gate
    The hands grabbed me by the hand and held me in the air
    A legion of withered souls came out of the godforsaken Gate.
    One by one, the souls went through me as I writhe in pain
    Deep gash started appearing all over my body
    Gash after gash, the pain was so unbearable that I passed out

    I awoke in Misty Forest full of scars
    I felt that something’s off, I felt empty
    As time passed by I realized why I felt empty,
    my soul is gone, MY SOUL IS GONE!
    Taken by that hideous Gate in exchange for my life
    I spent every waking moment cursing Hades for my fate

    Cursed to live out eternity as a soul-less ghoul
    I hide in the shadows, silently waiting
    Waiting for a fledgling adventurer to wander into the woods
    A fledgling that I can offer up to the Gates of Hades,
    If I can just offer enough soul then maybe, JUST MAYBE
    It may reward me and return my soul back to me
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    The Ghost of Hela

    They had all heard the rumors, and on this most ominous and perilous of nights, they'd embark on their journey to bring validation to the old wide-spread myth floating around Thereall. It seemed that the deceased mother of Hera, Hela, was buried in the old Whispering Grave, just north of Anteacar. Many believed that's how the area had acquired it's name, and many believed those whispers often heard were the daunting and vengeful voice of Hela herself. In addition to this rumor, it was said that on the night of October 31st, around Midnight, Hela's apparition could be seen walking behind the tombstones. There had only been one other who had attempted to validate these claims, but when he made the journey to do so, he was never seen again. This happened three years before. Now, a new group of daring adventurers would take that journey to find out whether or not these claims were true.

    Falko, a man of firm speech and a quick sword, would lead the party, taking with him several others. Mika, who was also commonly referred to as Spud, was a soft spoken twelve year old girl who despite her typical nature, was also fearless, and would not back down from a fight. She also had a loose tongue, and definitely didn't care to speak her mind. There was Leon, one of Falko's most trusted friends, who was more like a brother to him. A girl named Queen also tagged along, one of mild temperment but explosive personality. Thell, a guy that was curious about most things, which was what led him to joining the crew. Lilith was the quiet sort, and not many knew much about her, but she certainly seemed to be the dependable sort. Lastly, there was Nyx, who was the more spunky of the group. Her skills with a sword were not questionable in the least, and she would serve well should they all run into trouble, like some witches perhaps.

    After making preparations all day, the crew decided to mount up on their horses, riding off into the dark towards the airships, where they would take the first one out to Anteacar. From there, it was a walk to the Whispering Grave. Once they had arrived at their destination, that's where their story begins.....

    "Ouch" Nyx complained softly but firmly as she gave Leon a shove, glaring at him for a moment. "Watch where you're going!" she shreiked out in anger, watching as Leon slowly moved his hands in the air and took a few steps back. Oh, she'd make him pay dearly if he stepped on her foot again, clumsy idiot.

    "Sorry! It's dark! I can't see a thing!" he replied apologetically, still taking a few steps backwards. Thell was in the back of the pack, laughing as he watched the events unfold between the two of them, which Nyx was quick to address. She spun her head around and pointed a finger at him with rage in her eyes. "Shut up." Thell may have been a goof, but he wasn't stupid enough to anger her further. He pressed his lips tightly to one another to keep himself from making so much as a single peep, despite the fact that a snicker nearly escaped him.
    With a sigh, Queen just shook her head and pressed on. "Let's go you guys. It will be midnight soon." she called out over her shoulder, having no patience for any of their childish play. Mika and Lilith followed closely behind, as did Thell. Falko walked up to Leon and Nyx, waving a hand dismissively. "Come on. She's right. He said he was sorry, so lets move." he instructed, which earned him a huff from Nyx as she stomped off towards the group that was leaving them behind. Falko chuckled at Leon and started after them as well, looking over his shoulder. "You owe me, brother." he smirked, knowing he very well could have just saved Leon's life.

    Falko looked up towards the clouded but decently illuminated night sky, watching as a string of misty black clouds moved away from the nearly full moon that shone almost directly above them. He was thankful for the amount of light they were given to work with. It made traveling a lot easier. As they progressed down the God forsaken path, several noises....unexplained noises...seemed to be circling them. They seemed at a distance, but it was enough to make Queen stop in her tracks, listening as she became more and more uneasy. "Guys? What's that? Did you hear it?" she asked timidly, turning in all directions, trying to see through the dark in hopes of finding the creature that could be making that noise.

    "I hear it too." Leon nodded, his eyes rounded like silver dollars.

    Mika quietly drew her weapon and stood in a stance, ready to take on what ever little baddie was about to pounce out at them. She wasn't afraid to take it out, even if everyone else was chicken. The rest remained quiet as they all absent-mindedly began to group closer and closer, looking around for the source of the shrill screams that was quickly getting louder and filling the stagnant air. Falko could feel the chills coursing up his spine with each and every time the sound struck his ears again. Whatever it was, it was definitely getting closer. Damn, and they just got there. He drew his sword and rested it on his shoulder, Nyx following suit. "It's probably just another creature of some sort. Maybe witches. Keep your eyes peeled."

    No sooner than Falko spoke those words, a swift black shadow, seemingly cloaked in rags, breezed in between Nyx and Lilith, causing alarm for the entire group when they heard Lilith's shriek and the sound of her weapon colliding with a boulder a mere few inches from her. Sparks lit up the area only for a moment, and the entity sped past again, this time between Falko and Thell. "Get down!" Falko yelled out, since this definitely didn't seem like anything they had ever seen, and he doubted their weapons would have been of any use here. Taking cover was the only thing he could think of to do. He grabbed Mika, who was still wanting a fight and dragged her to the nearest boulder, hiding behind it. The others seemed to have been taking cover as well. Hopefully, they'd all be able to shroud themselves long enough to where whatever this was, would grow bored and leave them be. The air fell silent....too silent....

    ..and it didn't last long before the screams of a male began to peirce Falko's ears. Then a females immediately after. Their bloodcurtling cries for help deafened everything else, even the screams of those still safe and terrified at the sounds, knowing that one or two of their party was in peril. When the sounds stopped, it was sudden. Back to the dead and eerie silence that fell before. Falko waited a moment before risking himself to peer over the rock he was hidden behind to see if he saw the entity. Nothing. It didn't seem like it was coming back. "It's gone." he called out, using the stone for support as he hoisted himself back on his own two feet, walking cautiously from around the boulder to see if everyone was alright. Leon emerged with Nyx afterwards. Queen from a boulder on the other side of the path, and Mika finally after....but where were Thell and Lilith?

    Leon looked around, instantly noticing that two of their own were missing. "Guys? You can come out now." he called out, but no answer, much to Queen's horror.

    "Thell? THELL? LILITH!?" Queen called out as she began racing from boulder to boulder trying to find them. Still no answers. Falko sheathed his sword, knowing what must have happened to them, and with the look he exchanged with Nyx, it seemed she knew as well.

    "Standing here out in the open is too dangerous. We need to keep moving. They probably went on ahead in a panic." he suggests, though he didnt really believe that. Still, it was a possibility.

    "They were screaming! You heard them! Something got them!! What the hell was that!?" Mika shouted at Falko in anger.

    "Everyone was screaming. We can't be sure that they are dead. Come on. We need to keep moving. Now." Falko instructed more firmly this time. He had no idea what that was, but he certainly wasn't waiting here in the open to find out either. Falko started off walking down the path again, and although everyone else was hesitant about pressing on, they did so, still in a state of shock, and disbelief. Falko was a leader, but even he couldn't find the right comforting or encouraging words at the moment. Even he wasn't really sure what exactly had happened either. For now, he'd just continue on, hoping every step of the way that they would find Thell and Lilith had done exactly like he said, and run ahead.

    Mika and Leon covered the rear of the group while Nyx and Falko stayed out front, leaving Queen in the middle to watch on either side. " lied to them back there, didn't you? You don't believe a word of what you said." Nyx accused Falko accurately, keeping her voice low enough so the others couldn't hear. Falko never missed a step, but gave a brief sideways glance at her, "No...and neither do they. Even in doubt, there is hope, and that's the only thing keeping them moving right now." he replied back softly, giving her a second brief glance, not wanting to take his eyes off of the path ahead of them. He needed to figure out something in case that ghoul ever decided to return and finish the rest of them. That sound it made...if he survived this, he'd never ever forget it for as long as he lived. His hand remained on the hilt of his sword, ready to unsheathe the weapon in a mere moments notice. Nyx and Falko continued talking back and forth quietly, discussing ideas on what to do if the creature ever found them again as they headed further down the long path.

    Thell and Lilith were gone. A party of seven instantly down to five. It still made Leon uneasy as he tried to push the thought of his comrades potentially being killed to the back of his mind, but to no avail. He could feel his heart still racing, beating like a muffled drum in his ears, threatning to burst through the skin on his chest. Taking another look behind them to make sure nothing malicious was following them, he turned back around and noticed Nyx and Falko conversing, though he couldn't hear a word of the conversation. That disturbed him too. "Psst. Queen." he whispered as loudly as he could, trying to keep the two in front from hearing. Queen slowed down so that Leon and Mika could catch up to her. "What?" she whispered back, her voice sounding distressed.

    "What are they talking about up there?" Leon inquired curiously.

    Queen looked towards the pair in front talking and shrugged her shoulders lightly. "I dont know....I'm not worried about that right now. I wanna know where Lilith is." she wimpered and grabbed ahold of Leon's arm as they walked, needing the comfort. "Please tell me she is okay. She's okay...right? Is Falko right? Could they have run ahead like he said?" she asked him hopefully, looking up at him. Leon considered whether he should be completely honest here or not, and opted for the latter. "Yeah. Sure. I'm sure of it." he offered in a way of giving hope. He never liked lying to Queen, but she needed the hope. It wasn't like they could prove otherwise at the moment anyways.

    "Whatever. They're dead, Leon! You heard it! I heard it! We all heard it!" Mika hissed at Leon, who didn't back down this time.
    "Mika, shut up! You can't guarantee that was them!" Leon snapped back, which earned him a well deserved glare from Mika. She may have been young, but she definitely was the intimidating sort. Even Leon had to admit that. Mika was just about to lay into him again when Falko's voice called out from the distance up front.

    "We still have a ways to go, and a little time. Why dont we rest here for now?" he suggested as he sat down on the bank of grass off the side of the path. It had been a long walk already, and everyone still seemed a bit distressed. Nyx took a seat next to him and waved for everyone else to join them. Queen and Leon sat across from Nyx and Falko on the other side of the road, Mika perching not far to the left of Leon. "How much further?" Queen asked Falko timidly, seemingly exhausted.

    "It's not far now. We should be there in ten minutes or less." Falko answered, offering a warm smile in hopes to keep her spirits lifted, though he doubted he could. He could only imagine that everyone was second guessing taking this journey. Even he was beginning to as well, but they had already made it this far. Might as well go all the way.

    "You okay, Queen?" Leon asked, giving her a small nudge with his elbow. She simply shook her head and laid it on his shoulder, Leon sensing how upset she was, which made him upset, though he refused to show it. Instead, he'd just wrap an arm around her to pull her closer, comforting her. Mika watched this and scoffed, turning her body away from them. All lovey dovey...and acting like they had so much as a splinter of hope. Mika wasn't convinced at all. Falko had no idea what he was doing. She wasn't some stupid kid, and she hated it when people treated her that way. God, she'd love to hurt him right now. Ran on ahead in a panic. Yeah right. She knew better....

    Falko was quietly talking with Nyx, when out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Mika sitting there with her back turned to all of them, seething. "Hey...Spud. You see anything out that way?" he asks, wondering if maybe she was just keeping an eye out back the direction they came. She whirled her head around angrily and stood up, stomping towards him. Oh just the sound of his stupid voice right now sent her over the edge. She hauled her hand back and left a satisfying sting on her palm when it connected with his cheek. "You're going to get us all killed! For what? Some stupid myth? To go ghost hunting? You're a fool, Falko! Why lie to us? Huh!? You think we are stupid? You pretend that all of this is okay! That Lilith and Thell are okay! We all know they're not!! I'm going home! You guys wanna die? Fine! I'm not! You can ha....."

    The same familiar sound interrupted Mika's rants when she suddenly began looking around, as did Falko and Nyx who had heard it as well. The sound started off bone-chillingly slow and drawn out, like nails across a chalkboard, but the sound was still faint. A loud scream of a female then suddenly burst from behind the three of them, as they turned to see a very frightened Leon, but no Queen. Nyx ran across to the other side of the path, calling out for Queen but no answer. "What happened!? She was right here with you!!" Nyx interrogated a shaking Leon.

    "Sh, she...was here. And then snatched her from behind us!" he sputtered out the words, whimpering when the loud shriek happened again, much closer this time. "God, it's out there again! Falko! Mika!" Nyx cried out, drawing her sword, ready to fight, though she had no idea how she was supposed to do so. Leon continued calling out in a panic for Queen, trying to elevate his voice over the horrific sounds that seemed to surround them. Falko stood up and drew his sword, looking around with Mika doing the same, looking the opposite direction he was.

    "This thing isn't going to leave us alone. Run! Just run!!" Falko called out, watching as Leon took off first, with Mika and Nyx right behind him. Falko looked around again and when the shriek let out, he took off as well, running after the rest of the crew. They all ran for a ways, trying to lose whatever this thing was in hopes that it wouldn't follow. It didn't seem it had. The four remaining all continued to run down the moonlit trail until Leon suddenly came to a stop, the others stopping with him. Trying to catch their breaths, Nyx looked at the dark, steel gates in front of them, noting that this was the graveyard. Looked like they had made it after all, but at what cost? A devastating one, truth be told.

    "This is it." Nyx panted heavily, looking back to Falko who was hunched over with his hands on his knees, staring at the gates. "Yeah....maybe they are all already in there. Let's go in. Cemeteries are supposedly holy grounds. We will likely be safe from that thing in here." Falko replied, giving a nod as he stood upright and walked over to the gate, opening it. Hesitating at first, he turned his head slightly to look over his shoulder at everyone else and walked through, looking around for any tombstone that might match the description of Hela's tomb. Hearing the footsteps behind him gave him the confirmation that the others were following. Good. They needed to stick close by.

    Nyx walked out ahead when she saw a shadow of a headstone in the distance. It was bigger than the others, sitting on a slight incline at the corner of the fence. It had a strange item that sat on top of it...which looked like a chalice of some sort. Her interests growing, she walked up a bit closer, screaming in horror when a flame suddenly burst from the chalice, lighting the area.

    "Oh my God!" Mika yelled out when she saw what Nyx saw. Thell's and Lilith's bodies lay there on the grave, with a shadowy entity standing back from the headstone, just out of the light, cackling at first before letting it's shriek out once more....that same familiar haunting sound. Leon fell to the ground, trying to scoot away as Falko drew his sword, trying to squint his eyes enough to see the figure still standing in the shadows.

    "Hela! I know it's you! Come out of the shadows!" he bravely commanded, which the cackling entity so gladly obliged. As it crept slowly forth, it spoke in a voice that was otherworldy, echoing into the souls of everything that heard it.

    "Falko. Why such a tone with me? I thought we were friends." it strangely replied, which only made more sense when they all watched Queen emerge from the shadows. Her skin had grown paler. Her eyes completely darkened. Her red hair with black streaks going down it. Her fingers had seemed to grow longer, suffering from severely cracked skin, and her nails seemed even longer than that. It was Queen alright...but what the hell happened to her?

    "Queen? What the hell?" Nyx squeaked out, staring in disbelief. Queen just cackled again and slashed out at Nyx, slicing her across her cheek leaving four red lines across her face. "I AM NOT WHO YOU THINK I AM! I AM HELA!! THIS BODY WAS ONCE YOUR PRECIOUS FRIEND'S, BUT IT BELONGS TO ME NOW!" The fake Queen yelled, her voice disembodied, bearing no evidence of a soul. Nyx yelped and covered her face, shifting and scampering across the ground quickly to get away from Hela, who stared her down. Falko reacted on instinct alone and tried to save Nyx, but instead, made a fatal mistake. Within seconds, Hela's long fingers were wrapped around his neck, choking him at first as she lifted his body into the air, his feet dangling how about a foot from the ground, where he tried to pry her fingers loose while fighting for air. Leon quickly moved to his feet to help Nyx get out of the way as she clawed to get back to Falko, resisting Leon. Mika drew her weapon and was preparing for an attack before Hela spoke again.

    "You'll make a nice addition to my collection." she cackled as her long nails cut into his skin, his last sound a groan before she gave one simple squeeze, severing his head. His body dropped lifelessly to the ground while his head rested on top of her enclosed fist for a moment, until she let it drop as well, her attention now turned to the rest. "Next!"

    "Uh uh...." Mika shook her head and started off towards the gates, running to get away, as did Nyx and Leon. Leon had wrapped one of Nyx's arms over his shoulder, helping her to get out of there. The three of them headed for the gate in haste, only stopping when the eerie cackle sounded off behind them and Leon suddenly stopped in his tracks, looking down at himself where he found the source of the pain. Four unusually long nails poking though the fabric of his now tattered shirt as he gasped his last few breaths, letting Nyx go as he had no more strength to guide her. "G...go." he cough out before Hela picked his skewered body up and threw it a fair distance, tossing it on the pile with Falko's, Thell's, and Lilith's.

    "****! Nyx! Come on!!!" Mika urged when she stopped and saw this, running back to Nyx to tug at her arm, crying out when she saw Hela coming for them again. Nyx fought to get back to her feet and kept running, though deeply devastated, she had to keep running for now. Neither of them dared look over their shoulder to find out, but from the sounds of the shrieking and cackling and the hair standing up on end on both of them, they knew that she was tailing them the whole way. "Queen! Stop! It's us!" Nyx tried to reason with the being from over her shoulder, but that did not work. Mika let out an anguishing scream and fell to the ground immediately when Hela lacerated her back. "Dont stop!" Mika yelled out to Nyx, who looked like she was going to stop to go back to Mika. "It's still coming!"

    Nyx wanted ot go back, but the disfigured manifistation of her red headed friend skipped right over Mika, and was coming for her. She didn't think, and just took off running, not stopping until she was out of the Whispering Grave, where the entity would not dare follow further. "Mika! MIKA!!!" she cried out into the shadows as the entity soon turned heel and disappeared back into the darkness. Nyx knew what that meant. It was going back to finish Mika off, and there was nothing she could do. Dead. They were all dead...except for her. This was the worst fate imaginable. How had it all come to this? A simple journey to uncover the truths behind a myth, turned into six of her closest friends....dead.

    She sat in the grass in safety, sobbing....

    Nyx slowly awoke to find a horse snorting against her face, using it's nose to move her head. Her eyes slowly opened wider as she swatted at the beast, annoyed. "Shoo. Leave me alone." she whined, cupping her injured cheek as she slowly started trying to lift herself up, freezing when she saw a pair of feet land on the other side of the horse, walking around, and freezing a bit more when she heard the voice. "Fine. Stay here if you want." Mika scoffed at her, stunned when Nyx shot straight off the ground to embrace her dear friend who she thought was lost. "Mika!! You're alive!!" she cried into Mika's shoulder, holding her tight. Perhaps a little too tight. "How did you get away? Did you make a break for Ares' Sanctuary?" Nyx inquired, Mika grunting a bit as she slapped at Nyx's shoulder.

    "Ow!" Mika squeaked. Oh! Her injury! Nyx had forgotten...

    "I'm sorry! We need to get you a potion or something." Nyx suggested as she let Mika go and moved the small girls shoulder to look at her back. Nothing. She was fine. Where were the cuts? "I thought you....." Nyx started...perplexed.

    "...thought I what?" Mika raised an eyeborw, starting to think Nyx had lost her mind.

    "Your cuts? Where are they?"

    "What cuts?"

    "You know! When Hela got you!"

    What the hell was Nyx talking about? Mika shook her head and moved a hand to Nyx's forehead to check her temperature. "Nyx? Are you okay? I think your cuts on your face are infected...but you're not running a fever. Who is Hela? You know what? Just stand still....I'm going to heal you." Mika replied as she stepped back a bit and moved her arms into the air, casting a couple of healing spells on Nyx, which helped the cuts on her face heal up a bit. "You're horse is fine by the way. It made its way back to Thereall. Falko has it. Why were you riding out in the Whispering Grave all by yourself? You're lucky a tree branch got you and nothing worse."

    Nyx just stared at Mika, taking the time to process all of that. Was that all just a dream? "Wait? Falko has it? He's okay? Leon? Queen? Thell? Lilith?" she rambled off in rapid succession.

    Mika softly giggled at Nyx, who was sounding absolutely ridiculous right now and just nodded. "They're back in Thereall. Why?" Nyx didn't bother answering that to the fullest of details just yet. So it was just a dream. All of it. Hela wasn't real. They didn't make that journey. Everyone was okay. Thank God. Even now, after her moment of relief, she felt a little silly too. "Can I ride back with you?" Nyx asked of Mika, who nodded softly and hopped back on her horse, waiting for Nyx to climb on, looking back to Nyx expectantly while the wind whipped her normally ordered blue hair into chaos. In a hurry to see everyone was safe with her own two eyes, Nyx climbed on and clinged herself to Mika. "Let's go home!" Nyx smiled.

    Mika snapped the reigns and it was back towards the peaceful city of Thereall. Good. Life would go back to normal now. Nyx rested her head in between Mika's shoulders as she smiled. Mika felt this and looked over her shoulder...
    a cackle coming from her lips as her darkened eyes pierced through her pale skin, glancing back at Nyx, a sinister smile sweeping across her face.

    (For this story, all characters involved had given permission for their involvement in the story.)

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    "Excuse me my darlings, I need to go powder my nose," said Queen as she excused herself from the table.
    "Up the stairs and to the right!" Nyx called out after her.
    After a moment, Mika rolled her eyes, "She'll be a while. Probably going to call Leon or something."
    Varric and Lilith looked at each other, the both of them smirking, knowing what was really intended by powdering her nose.
    "I love the place you chose for this event. A spooky old house in the middle of nowhere? Definitely adds flair to the spooky part of tonight," Varric said as he glanced around the room.
    Amber stood up from her seat, raising her glass. " A toast. To great friends, amazing food, and to quote the invitation 'a role play murder mystery that no one will ever forget.' Cheers."
    They all raised their glasses, each saying "Cheers" before going back to their side conversations.
    Queen walked back into the room, shaking her head as she giggled, stopping in the door way and leaning against it as she placed her hands on her hips. "I have no service here, but Leon's already here so that's fine. Good job, Nyx. As if we all didn't know that your murder mystery wouldn't involve killing Leon first. He drowns in the bathtub, really nice touch. So predictable."
    They all laughed over it, with Varric throwing in a slow cap. Everyone except for Nyx, who sat there looking perplexed.
    "What are you talking about, Queen? Leon isn't here, he texted earlier today to say something came up and he couldn't make it tonight. He and Falko had plans," Nyx said.
    Queen waved her hand in the air to dismiss Nyx's words. "Oh please, you aren't a good actress. So life like, too. He's really into his role though, wouldn't even acknowledge me. Did you mean to make it seem obvious that you're the killer we need to find?"
    "Did I ever tell you guys about how I murdered Bambi? Look! I put his head on my stick," Ruruya happily chimed in. Nyx stood up slowly from the table, walking past Ruruya and ruffling her hair.
    "Maybe later, Ruru. Queen.. I swear to you Leon was not part of this. This isn't funny. Are you trying to play a trick on all of us?"Nyx spoke with a nervousness in her voice that hadn't been there before, which caused the group to fall silent.
    Thell tossed his napkin onto the table with disgust, "I was suppose to die, he stole my moment in the sun! Why wasn't I aware of the script change?"
    "There was no change, " Nyx said, "but that means.." Her words trailed off.
    Nyx tore off up the stairs with Thell on her heels. Ruruya glanced around at everyone, the fear in her eyes all too real. "W..what's going on?" She stammered out.
    "It's okay sweetie, everything will be alright. Not to worry," Lilith said cheerfully, silently worrying that something was wrong, but trying to stay strong to comfort the girl.
    A few moments later, Thell and Nyx walked back into the room, everyone stopped to look at them. Nyx was pale, the color in her cheeks gone, turned ghostly pale as she just shook her head.
    "Welp, he's a goner!" exclaimed Thell. "Dead as dead gets."
    Queen blinked slowly a few times, trying to register what was being said. She suddenly screamed, a loud agonizing scream that caused Lilith and Ruruya to cover their ears. Queen crumpled to the floor, shaking her head quickly back and forth, mumbling incoherently to herself as Amber ran over to comfort her.
    "What happened?!" Ruruya shrieked.
    Thell walked over to Ruruya, patting her shoulder. "Looks like your mommy finally lost it and actually killed Leon. She drowned him! I seen that coming!"
    Queen cleared her throat, rubbing her eyes against the back of her hand as she pushed Amber off of her. She quickly scurried to her feet and grabbed a knife from the table. "I'll kill you!" she screamed, lunging at Nyx.
    Nyx's eyes went wide, quickly moving to avoid Queen but not before she felt the sharp sting from the blade pierce into her arm. Nyx grasped her arm as she cried out in pain, dropping to the floor and pushing herself back against the wall to distance herself from an enraged Queen. Varric grabbed ahold of Queen by her arms, shaking the knife free from her grasp as she struggled to reach Nyx, screaming wildly.
    "Shh sweetie, shhh.." Varric said softly to Queen, trying to comfort her. "Shouldn't someone, oh i don't know, call the police?"
    Amber and Lilith both grabbed their phones, jumping up and running out of the room to try and find a signal. Ruruya ran after them, "Wait! Don't leave me with mom!"
    "I'm sorry," Nyx said softly as tears streamed down her cheeks, "I .. I didn't do it though. You have to believe me!"
    Queen stopped struggling and collapsed in Varric's arms, sobbing uncontrollably. The rest of the room fell silent for a few moments, as the reality of what happened started to sink in.
    A scream broke through the deafening silence, causing everyone to jump. "Amber? AMBER," Thell shouted before running out of the room and heading to the front door, throwing it open and stopping dead in his tracks.
    Mika ran over to Thell, grasping his shoulder. "Thell what is it?" she said trying to peer around him. Mika screamed as her eyes fell upon what Thell was staring at. She dropped to the floor, hugging her knees to her chest.
    Nyx ran over and pushed Thell, who was still catatonic, out of the way. Peering out into the darkness of the night, she seen what had caused them such fear. Lilith's lifeless body hung from the tree in front of the house, while Amber lay on the ground beside the tree, a sword protruding from her chest.
    Nyx grabbed Mika by the arm, yanking her off of the floor as she slammed the front door closed. The loud bang causing Thell to snap out of it. "We need to stick together!" Nyx shouted, running back towards the dining room, dragging Mika along while Thell ran close behind. "Where's Ruruya?! Where did everyone go, we left them right here!"
    As if on cue, Ruruya stepped into the dining room, clenching her fists at her abdomen, her clothes and hands stained crimson with blood. "Mom.." Ruruya spoke in such a soft tone she could barely be heard.
    Mika shrieked and pulled away from Nyx, running over and dropping to her knees in front of Ruruya, crying hysterically. "Sis! Sis! Oh my god are you okay? Who did this to you?!"
    "D..Dad... DAD!!" Ruruya wailed painfully.
    Thell growled and stormed towards Ruruya, "Where is he?! I will make him pay for this," Thell demanded.
    Ruruya turned her head glancing to the basement door as she whimpered, "Queen.. Varric.. They're down there too, they're dead."
    Mika glanced up at Ruruya, "Ruru.."
    Thell ran off, charging into the basement. Nyx just stood there in disbelief, unable to move. "No.. Falko would never do this. He would never hurt any of us, there has to be a mistake! Your father loves you!"
    Ruruya looked down at Mika, still at her feet. She placed her hands on each side of Mika's face, leaning down so they were eye level with one another. A sadistic smirk crept across Ruruya's face. "Me. He loves ME. Not you," Ruruya said before giggling.. a twisted, maniacal giggle before jerking Mika's head, snapping her neck.
    Nyx screamed, "MIKA!" before running over to grab her daughter from the floor, pulling her up and cradling her against her chest.
    "Mommyyyyyyy..." Ruruya whispered, "I told you Mommy.. Daddy only loves me. I'm the only child."
    Just then Thell ran up the stairs screaming, "Falko! He's in the basement, he.." his words were cut off as Ruruya pointed her deer stick at him and said, "Bang." A shot had fired from the head of the deer, striking Thell in the chest and knocking him to the ground.
    Ruruya walked over to him, shaking her head."Tsk tsk.. I wanted to tell you guys all about my deer stick earlier, but no one would listen!" She pointed the deer at his face before firing off another shot.
    Nyx charged at Ruruya from behind, but Ruruya heard her move and turned just in time to swing and strike Nyx in the head with the deer stick.
    When Nyx came to, she was unsure of what was going on. The taste of blood was strong in her mouth. She realized she was gagged. She tried to move but couldn't, her wrists and feet were bound. She opened her eyes, squinting through them as her head spun from the blow she took. She was in the basement. Her body tensed and she cringed at the feel of something touching her hair.
    "It's okay, Mommy," Ruruya spoke softly, "It's just you, me and daddy now." Ruruya was petting Nyx's hair, like the way you would comfort a frightened child who just had a nightmare. Nyx whimpered, screaming through her gag.
    Ruruya slapped her across the face hard. "Stop it mommy, you might wake daddy. He needs sleep, he's soooo tired."
    Nyx winced from the slap, her cheek throbbing.
    Ruruya started to untie the gag from her mouth, "Now be a good mommy and you can talk, okay?" Ruruya asked, the sweetness returning to her voice.
    Nyx nodded her head as Ruruya removed the gag. "Wh.. where is he?" she managed to whisper.
    Ruruya giggled. "Which he? Everyone is over there," she pointed to a far corner of the room, "Leon, Lilith, Varric, Queen, Mika. Oh Thell and Amber, too. I brought them all down here while you were asleep. Unless you mean dad?"
    "Where's dad? Why?" Nyx had started crying again, this was the last thing she had ever expected, especially from her own daughter.
    "He's over there," Ruruya motioned over her shoulder, "I told you, he's sleeping."
    Nyx turned her head slowly to look in the direction that she had motioned. A gasp stuck in her throat as she seen what Ruruya had done.
    "I told you, he's my daddy, and no one can take him from me now," Ruruya whispered softly as she slipped the garrote around Nyx's neck..

    (Special thanks to Falko, TrapQueen, Leon08, LilithMeri, Mikasarina, Thell, Ruruya, Amber12, & Varric for allowing me to use their names.)

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    Last Night, as I was sitting in my living room and playing lucent heart before going to bed, I heard a strange noise. It was a slow, drawn out scraping across the hardwood floor. Confused, I searched for the source of the sound; and i found it immediately. Someone had slipped a small, folded note under the door. "WHat the..?" More curious than anything, I approached the note slowly. I knelt down cautiously and picked up the strange paper. On it were only five words, scrawled on in a crude, messy fashion: "Get out. He is coming." I didn't pause to consider the meaning of the note, however, as I immediately realized there was something very, very wrong with this situation: The note had come from under the closet door.

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    Some great stories you guys got! Can't wait to see the winnurs
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