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Thread: End game Archer ?

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    Default End game Archer ?

    I have several questions need to ask about end game Archer
    1/ I saw a lot of Archer changed from High agi to armor (80D, magic, 10x-11x armor). So is it not worth to play high agi aka Santa As anymore ?

    2/ About the comparison of Phoenix Shot and Thunder Roop. Now with Sunny's animation patch, is thunder roop better than phoenix shot ?

    3/ About the rune, which rune u use for your as ? All HP or 3HP and 1MP or 2-2,1-3 rate ? (or yolo with full MP, lol)

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    2. With the updated Phoenix Shot, it is more powerful than the Thunder Roop. If you use Sunny's Animation Patch you, can use Thunder Roop with great speed and decent attack output. Even better is that you just need to Shift+click this skill in contrast to Phoenix Shot where you need to click every time you use the skill. The cons of the animation patch is not everyone is using this patch so your character would look like she is 'skate-potting-drops-dead-if-you-stop-walking'

    3. My Armor has both HP and my bow has both MP. It's a nice balance.

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