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Thread: The Wise Dragons Guild recruiting!

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    Default The Wise Dragons Guild recruiting!

    Hello to all players!

    The Wise Dragons guild are recruiting always active and friendly, helpfull players!
    We are guild lv 12, we do not have many high levels, for me as leader the principle
    is that we get along well, respect others and just have fun together.

    We still want to raid and love to do, but love to have mostly players
    that can share rewards and be fair for that with others that did in the team.
    P.S: this guild, raids rewards aint for 1 person, but for all who joined the team raid !

    We not greedy people, we love hugs and having brights convos or making good funny jokes.
    Not the kind too dirty, but we still very smexy guildies *** xD

    We simply want: you to be friendly, respectful and enough active at least not being off days in a row during a whole month.
    We are there to help you as much as we can and same for teaming with you!

    Signed: your best fellows, the wise dragons !! <3

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    I'm interesting in joining

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    Hi let me know your in game name I am online

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    I would like to join. Who may I message in game?

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    what game is this u talkin about... seems so interesting.. since i am looking for a new online game.. thnx

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    This is DoMO ( Dream of Mirror Online) btw im Elder in that guild, so if you ever try out the game and like it, you can always pm me to join the guild My IGN is Kemya ^^

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    If I may ask.. what raids do you mostly do, and how often do you do raids?

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    hello can i join to guild again ? i was not active. But now im back to play :> im old onyx player ~`Miki`~ / Lobuziak / Psotnik here on suba games im Psotnica sorry for my not good english , i hope i can back to you im also streamer streaming on :>

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    Kenshin7 closed guild...
    if u feel lonely we created new guild named Shiny Devil's
    some of TWD joined to us
    ~hug~ dont be sad \o/ smile \^.^/

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    The Wise Dragons recently reborn now as the: Dragon's Fury (guild) !

    Du to the past lack of progress of TWD guild and inactivity and personnal reasons, I had disband the wise dragons guild.
    We want a fresh new start today and I am hoping to meet new faces: friendly, respectfull and preferably active...
    (you play only the week-ends, that's all cool with us)

    Raiders are sure welcome: currently we would love an op aoe for doing widow or tank and we need a few more fighters for
    garnet raid; all the rest of raids I often even duo it with my lover Kemya ign...of course you are still allow to join thoses too if
    you wish. Just maybe a little note for raiders fans: I have eastern time zone ( basically server time), just saying because
    it's then more simple to welcome you for doing raids and so to benefict more chances to do thoses together. We split rewards always
    fairly as much possible, roll dice'ing if 2 people or more wish the same reward (higher number win).

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