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Thread: My LH Client screen is keep flashing black

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    Default My LH Client screen is keep flashing black

    It is been long time I didn't play this game since the version 8, now I'm back to LH and I remember the ID and Password everything is fine, just once I start the game it is not in full screen, so I change the LH Client to full screen by uncheck the setting in the game [Effect] Tab-> Uncheck Window Mode.

    Something strange happen once I uncheck the window mode! My computer screen become flashy flashy like twinkle twinkle star monitor in the night!! I try to change back the screen, to check back the option! But I cant! why? Because the mouse arrow keep reset to the center of the screen in my monitor, It doesn't let me to reach the check box and undo the option!

    What should I do now? reinstall again? Why this issue still not fix when I were at version 8...
    If someone know the method to fix it, please leave a message! I spent my all data to this game! 4gb you know how big it is? I don't want reinstall the game.
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