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Thread: Does anyone remember.....

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    rip priston tale

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    When as a melee you spend lot of your time in oasis pulling mobs for the priestess on their rock
    When you were stuck at the login screen for hours with that theme
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    Hey guys. I was looking at the google today and found this forum lol

    For many years I was trying to find some people that played priston in 2002-2006, I knew the ptprophecy forum but I think it doesn't exist anymore.

    All the things that you've said is real and I miss all those things.

    xXPutinhaXx had other char that calls IcanFLY, a mage. He is brazilian as I am, but didn't talk in portuguese at the game because many BRs was destroying the game lol

    I remember, Battleboy, TheUnexpected, ShutUpYou, ToadAthilas, PaTyTa, Atit_Tinmanzzzzz, daicaviet, and many others that played that time.

    Priston Tale will never be the same again.. At that time there was only tier 1 it was much more difficult to gain experience..

    that time was very complicated because you increased the levels and did not know which points were better to put, health, spirit, strength

    I remember Nicoamil too, I think he was a Fighter.

    I was [PT]darkness-BR a pikeman, and after I created [NBK]darkness, a mage.

    I played at KZEE - Awell

    Miss all you brothers that played at those times.
    sorry if my english is not understandable

    Stay safe!!

    nbk darkness

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    Quote Originally Posted by NBKDARKNESS View Post
    For many years I was trying to find some people that played priston in 2002-2006, I knew the ptprophecy forum but I think it doesn't exist anymore.
    ptprophecy lives on within me. i owned the place.

    remember other br gunys? the cool ones, not jonhy. Nobre, Funto, Diegrokremer, Greivor, Filippo... all the bunch.

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    I do remember " The Server is Full" and it could last for few hours to just log in. Fs with jaggy axe and supreme armor is here
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    thous were the days

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    I still remember too, I just retreive my account for check if this game is still alive.
    Last login was 10+ years ago ... I feel old.
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    I can't miss a chance to talk about the good old times.
    I managed to find an old screenshot with the person "putinha" that someone mentioned in this thread (in the chat window):
    Image 1
    But the person I remember is Drake, who people would admire because he had 4x stuff...
    Image 2
    Also in July 2004, I remember this cool event when a GM appeared in town as a mob and spwned bosses for people to kill right outside Ric. That was pretty cool and people were going crazy.
    Image 3
    People also complained about the game becoming Pay to Play at that time, and decided to block access to ric warp gate as a sign of protest haha:
    Image 4

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    error error
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    Was playing a priest althea at that time

    Played with a fighter muadib and an athalanta tabatacash... if they still on ...

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