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    Default Questions about saint blade

    Hi all, it has been a while since I last played my knight.

    1.) Since saint blade is now bugged (i.e. 1 hit instead of 2 and without atk rtg bonus from grand cross) is it worthwhile to invest elite point on it? I am considering putting points on godly shield instead.

    2.) Since saint blade at level 10 consume large amount of mp (i.e. 85mp) would the normal mana recharging potion from the mileage shop refill enough mp for the skill to be spam indefinitely like grand cross?

    Thanks in advance.
    IGN: 412Protector

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    Honestly k9 are poop rn , until the skills get fixed and also other skills nerfed . So its really hard to say lol

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Anyway I posted this question quite some time ago. Since no one answer back then I have tested it out myself and I guess I'm able to answer my own question:

    1.) Yes. Damage is more than twice (almost) than grand cross.

    2.) Yes.
    IGN: 412Protector

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    lol saint blade is very good in pvp. and very good in undead, hv+ hb +sb all lvl 10 , undead is cotton candy, to you sb 365pct add atak rate, mean almost times 5 your normal damage, if im right.

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