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Thread: ATTN: Player Submitted Images via support tickets

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    Default ATTN: Player Submitted Images via support tickets

    We greatly appreciate the assistance we get from players via the support tickets. Any bug reports, player reports, etc., goes a long way with keeping DOMO running smoothly. But we'd also like to take this time to kindly ask players for all future tickets if images sent to us can be uploaded to

    The reason why we're asking of this is that sites such as photobucket and others have plenty of pop-up ads which slows down the process of us viewing the images and even in some cases, we can't view the images at all as we're too busy closing ads. We want to safely view player submitted images in a quick manner in order to support players and the game better and faster. With, image viewing is instantaneous and there are no ads that need to be closed before we can view it.

    We greatly appreciate any efforts that is done to help us with this and we can ensure that ticket responses can be quicker if we can have cooperation on this.

    Best Regards,
    GM Team

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    you not replay my ticket for 3 week's. why ?

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    You could always try ad-block and script blocking add-ons if you use firefox or chrome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VieJunior View Post
    why my main ID ur suspend? i dont do anything wrong... -__-
    Please discuss this in a ticket.

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