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Thread: [October 20] Dual Pet Summoning, Magical Tower for High Levels, Halloween, and more

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    Default [October 20] Dual Pet Summoning, Magical Tower for High Levels, Halloween, and more

    Greetings all,

    Dual Pet Summoning
    Players can now learn a newly added passive called "[Training] Dual Pet mastery" to gain the ability to summon 2 pets at the same time. In order to sustain two pets at once, the player must make sure their "Influence" is above 0. Influence is visible above the pet window when a pet is summoned.
    Players can increase the maximum amount of Influence they have available by learning ranks in the new skill "[Training] Dual Pet Influence"
    By default, having two pets summoned at the same time causes them both to deal 40% less damage than normal. This penalty can be reduced by learning ranks in the skill "[Training] Enhanced Dual Pets".

    Magical Tower for High Levels
    Magical tower entry levels have been changed as follows:
    Existing New Change
    Difficulty Min Level Max Level Min Level Max Level
    Easy 40 49 60 79
    Average 50 59 80 94
    Difficult 60 69 95 100

    Loot available from Magical Tower has been adjusted to match:

    Difficulty Pieras Accessories Boss % Mini-Boss % Mob %
    Easy +5 - +7 Level 60 - 75 Boxes 100% 10% 1%
    Average +6 - +8 Level 80 - 90 Boxes 100% 10% 1%
    Difficult +9 - +11 Level 95 - 100 Boxes 100% 10% 1%

    Halloween Event
    Special haunted Pumpkin enemies are spawning in every map, killing them awards an amount of Halloween treats which can be spent at the Event Mouse in Alker Harbor and Nera Castle.

    New Items
    • Song of Sympathy - Pet Maximum HP, Physical Damage, and Magic Damage increased by 5%.
    • Limit Freeze Influence Scroll - Prevents Influence loss for an amount of days.
    • Pet Starter Box - 3 Star Random Pet, 10 Advanced Pet Revives, 100 Advanced Mendelrus's Potions.
    • Pet Premium Box - 3 Star Random Pet, 4 Star Random Pet, 50 Advanced Pet Revives, 200 Advanced Mendelrus's Potions
    • Pet Dual Mastery Box - Limit Freeze Influence Scroll (30 Day), Song of Sympathy (30 Day), Advanced Pet Revive, 1000 Advanced Mendelrus's Potions, 4 star pet Soul Stone

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    What is mean "you do not meet the required conditions to use this item"? when I try to feed my pet???!

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    I think that Magical Tower was just fine as it was. Just create a new difficulty version every 10 levels. Level 70 - 79, 80-89, etc. That way everyone always has something to do and the party can start at level 40, like it always has.

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    Why after this patch I cannot feed my pet???

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    Why the magical tower change?
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