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Thread: I can't play this game smoothly ??

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    Unhappy I can't play this game smoothly ??

    I play Ace online in laptop and its running in low (11-15) fps and 70-95 when in higher alt while Battlefield 4 (MP) is running pretty good with 65-76 fps
    Dragon nest FPS on my laptop is 110+
    Battlefield Hardline FPS is 61-65
    So why I can't play this game smoothly ??

    My laptop spec is...
    Core I7 4710HQ
    12 GB ram DDR3
    GTX 850M with 2GB ddr3 ram
    240GB SSD

    So I checked GPU usage and its working only 1-2%

    I tried to do everything such as lower graphic details , Full-window mode , lower resolution,"bla bla bla"
    Someone know how to fix this problem please???
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    Ace is an old game, best mode is min setting, no way to increase fps.

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