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Thread: Step Up Dance Competition - Winter Edition

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    IGN: ElvesAlfheimr
    Solo Category
    Holy Night by Rie Kugimiya and Eri Kitamura
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    IGN: Legolas
    Lucent Heart Winter Edition Solo Entry
    A Pirate Christmas by Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew

    Srry if few min late >< hopefully Can accept it

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    Winter Step up Competition Team Category.
    TrapQueen, Leon08, NyxMidnite, NimaHaru, Falko, LilithMeri

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    Performers:Acapuco,Kimira,Takari,Erza,Kobana,and Nawi
    Song:Christmas Mashup 2k16 by Multiple Artists

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    Category: Team
    Performers: Yami_Chan, MobiusBlaaze, ElvesAlfheimr, Shiyoma, KiraBear
    Song: It's Not Christmas Without You by Victorious Cast

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    Song:Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Demi Lavato

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    Default Kitsune <3

    Category: Guild
    Performers: Kitsune
    Song: Aquadrop - Troll the Halls

    It wouldn't let me edit, and it occurred to my tired brain that you might actually need the names of the people in the Kitsune guild that were performing, so here we go: Paramedic, Emrinne, genocide, lizzy5115, SadieAmaya, and CookieMonstar. Also, managed to get it uploaded in a little bit better quality here.
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    IGN: TrapQueen, Leon08
    Category: Couple
    Song: Carol of the Bells by Pentatonix

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    VioletLilith, Eyerah, Box, ZoeyRedbird, Aks143
    Winter step up dance
    Team Category

    Posting for someone else. Not my dance or my character.

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    IGN : Rhea_Kitsune
    Solo Category Winter Dance Up
    Silent Night Holy Night by Boney M
    (sorry idk how to put SS into video >~<)
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