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Thread: Why they suck - Mortal Blow & Cyclone

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    Default Why they suck - Mortal Blow & Cyclone

    I believe I've figured out why these skills suck so ****ing bad.
    I did some testing for and this is what I've been able to gather upon testing with ATK POW over 900 and ATK POW under 100.

    Mortal Blow level 1
    Adding Attacking Rate: 40% only applies to a single monster - the monster that you are using the skill on.
    Attacking Rate For Range: 150-200 applies to any other mobs within range that are damaged.
    Attacking Rate For Range: xxx-xxx is why the skill sucks so ****ing bad. 150-200 damage isn't even enough to 1 shot a mob in Forgotten Land. This is a flat damage boost which isn't modified by anything and has no damage formula at all.

    This is what a basic attack with damage of 387-425 does to a Buma... it doesn't even kill it.

    So if 387-425 damage can't even kill a mob like a Buma, then what in the **** is 150-200 damage supposed to do? I believe the damage inflicted by the AOE is also only dealt once, despite the animation attacking twice. I believe the damage from Adding Attacking Rate xxx% is dealt twice. Go ahead, test it yourself. The weak mob that you use Mortal Blow on will die but the other mobs will barely be half health from the 150-200 AOE damage. What a joke! As you can see in the screenshot below, I killed the Crypt mob but the others are barely even injured! And as you can also see in the screenshot, I had used Mortal Blow with my 105 axe and over 800 ATK POW! The 150-200 damage is a pathetic ****ing joke.

    So even if you had 10 Mortal Blow (which would be stupid because it's only spammable at level 6) giving you Attacking Rate For Range: 330-470 you STILL wouldn't be able to kill mobs in Forgotten Land! Just LOL.

    So if we can't even kill Forgotton Land mobs with this skill then why the hell does it exist? No seriously. Someone, at some point, designs these skills. Even if you are the worst designer in the world, how can you be so bad at designing something like this? I just don't get it.

    I'm not even going to talk about the Cyclone Strike skill because it's worse in every possible way. So even if Mortal Blow was adjusted to useful damage numbers, what purpose does Cyclone Strike have? How could you even buff it so that one skill isn't better than the other? Make it a bigger AOE? They should just not have made two of the same type of skill... those incompetent... Oh wait! They did it with Berserker too! Bloody Berserker is better in every possible way than Berserker! Hahahaha! Just why! WHY? Even an 8 year old could think more.

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    So basically, Mortal Blow's (and Cyclone Strike, I guess...) Attacking Rate For Range: xxx-xxx aspect needs an actual damage formula or the number need to be multiplied by 10... AT LEAST. If the damage was multiplied by 10 then with Mortal Blow level 6 you would have 2500-3500 damage to nearby mobs from the AOE. Would it be too strong? Right now it's too ****ing weak.
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    Yo good read man. I always thought why do we have useless skills lol. Mortal Blow looks good! But yea its super weak lol
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    Basically, Masang needs to boost the damage of Attacking Rate For Range: xxx-xxx to higher numbers or add a damage formula for those numbers.

    Mortal Blow level 1 does 150-200 splash damage AOE which isn't enough to even 2-hit mobs in Forgotten Land. Numbers should be double or more than what they currently are or have a proper scaling damage formula. Though, just boosting the numbers is easier.

    Adding Attacking Rate: xx% is fine because this only applies to a single target - the one you are attacking. And it's probably powerful enough to be useful at all levels of Mortal Blow.

    It's the exact same problem with Cyclone Strike except that Cyclone Strike is just inferior in every possible way to Mortal Blow. You can't even spam Cyclone Strike... you can spam Mortal Blow. If we're going to pretend to care about Cyclone Strike, then make it spammable at all levels, only work with spear/sword (Mortal Blow only works with axe/hammer) and quadruple all damage variables of the skill (you already deal less damage by not using an axe) and make range increase by 10 per level instead of 5 so that at 10 Cyclone Strike you will have 190 range rather than 145, which gives it more range than Mortal Blow level 6's 170 range (spammable level). That should make the skills both different and useful.(edited)

    But really, Mortal Blow is what we care about. It looks cool but it's weak.
    Just needs damage boost for "Attacking Rate For Range: xxx-xxx "

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